Low-Risk Online Roulette Strategy

Roulette is well known to be a game of chance. While you can choose what bets you make, the wheel determines the result. Whether you win or lose comes down to luck! That said, you could give yourself better odds by choosing your stakes carefully. Players can try to chase big wins by betting on single numbers, or they could play it safe with outside wagers.

This article will outline the steps required to enjoy roulette without too much risk. Keep in mind this strategy cannot guarantee wins. What it can do is give you more attempts and better odds of winning. It comes with only one downside; the wins you score using this guide will not grant you a massive prize. You must pay the price if you want low-risk online roulette!

Outside Bets Only

Winning roulette comes down to drawing a winning number. That mechanism of the game cannot be changed. Fortunately, roulette gives us an option to adjust our experience with inside and outside bets. The less likely you are to win, the better the payout on that particular wager. That means inside bets, which cover fewer numbers than outside bets, offer tantalizing rewards that will lure many players in

Punters gunning for a low-risk strategy should not take inside bets. Outside bets are a much safer choice, though not an exciting one. Several outside bets will pay you even money if you win; that is how low risk they are. It means your only avenue of increasing your profit is by raising the stakes. For those purposes, we suggest adopting a betting system.

Roulette and Betting Systems

Over the years, many smart people have tried to devise methods to beat roulette. The prospect excited many mathematicians and gamblers, who gave us many roulette progression betting systems. Many of them came close to succeeding, but none of them was able to overcome the house edge. If you choose to adopt one of these betting strategies, understand that none of them is guaranteed to work.

There are two types of betting systems: positive and negative ones. Negative progression increases your bets after every loss. The idea is to make up lost money by increasing the wager. These systems work well but tend to fall apart under the strain of a losing streak. Ramping up how much you stake on every round can quickly result in an empty budget or hitting the table limit.

Online roulette table

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Meanwhile, positive progression ramps up the wager with each win. The general idea is to make use of winning streaks. This works at times, but can quickly result in your gains being wiped away if a winning streak does not occur. This is why positive progression betting systems usually include some limit. For example, Paroli’s strategy has you resetting your increasing bets after three wins to help you keep the prizes.

French Roulette and La Partage

It is an unpleasant fact that casino games are not fair. Every one of them has an in-built house edge, designed to make sure players lose in the end. One or two punters may succeed, but that will come at the cost of others failing. Roulette is no different. The further away it has gone from its homeland, the higher the house edge has gotten. That is why we always advise playing French Roulette if you can find it.

Naturally, you might ask why French Roulette is better than any other version. The reason is simple: it comes with a special La Partage rule. It works quite well for our low-risk online roulette strategy and any progression betting system you use. It slightly makes up for the core flaw of playing even-money bets: drawing a zero is always a loss. With La Partage, you have a chance to gain a potential loss back. It decreases the house edge from 2.7% down to 1.35%, making it one of the best casino games!

Closing Thoughts

Follow these steps, and you will have better chances of winning at online roulette without risking too much. None of these steps is new. They are things the Indian Casino Club team picked up over the years we played roulette. Now, we pass this knowledge on to you! Take to the wheel and score some fantastic prizes. We will be rooting for you!