Online Roulette: La Partage Rule Explained

Anyone who’s played roulette for a while has heard of French roulette. It’s a popular variant of European roulette, which is played in almost every online casino. There’s a reason for that popularity: special rules only available in the French version!

Today, we’ll take a detailed look at the La Partage and En Prison rules. These two additions to your roulette game tend to be exclusive. The focus will be on La Partage, which we feel is the better of the two options.

So if you’re ready to tackle the mysteries of French roulette and La Partage, you’re in the right place!


What’s La Partage?

La Partage is a rule specific to French roulette. Translated from French, it means the divide. The way it works is quite simple. Make an even money bet, and have the ball land on zero. Rather than losing the money outright, the casino gives you back half of your funds.

It may not sound like much, but this has a massive impact on the game’s RTP. Regular European roulette has a house edge of 2.7%. French roulette with La Partage enabled knocks it down by half, down to 1.35%.

What about En Prison? It, like La Partage, only applies to even money bets and occurs when the ball lands on zero. Unlike La Partage, you don’t get your money back. Instead, the money is held until the next spin. If the player wins the next spin, he gets his original bet back in entirety. However, if the casino wins, the punter loses everything. What is La Partage rule in Roulette and how it can help improve your winning odds.


Is it Worth it?

Absolutely! The RTP change that appears as a result of this rule makes it obvious. Just like European roulette is better than its American counterpart. Of course, finding a French roulette table can be difficult. The low RTP doesn’t incentivize many casinos to host it.

Still, you will occasionally find a casino or two that’s willing to host it. The only way to find out which websites host French roulette is to check them yourself! We have a large list of reviewed casinos friendly to Indian players. You can use the filter system to the right to only display websites which host live dealer games. Their focus on having lots of table games will increase your odds of finding a French roulette table.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, La Partage and En Prison do make a difference. The effect isn’t as big as the difference between European and American roulette. But if you have the opportunity to play your favourite game with a lower house edge, why wouldn’t you take it?

Despite the change, you can still make use of the basic roulette strategy we’ve outlined in our guide.

French roulette remains an Indian Casino Club favourite. Using French names for everything does take some getting used to. But getting used to it is well worth the effort. After a few hundred spins, your wallet will certainly be thanking you!

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