Online Roulette and Progression Betting Systems

Nowadays, every online gaming website tries to sell you on a game strategy. There are general rules that work for some games, but not others. For example, roulette is one game where you cannot make use of a game strategy to get an advantage. However, the internet is all too happy to recommend various roulette strategies. They range from useful tips to recommendations of progression betting systems.

Of course, if you have never come across this term before, it can seem daunting. As such, this article is all about various progression betting systems that players can use. We will break down their advantages and disadvantages, and how they can be applied to roulette. Are they worth using, or are they just another online hoax? Read on to find out!

What are Progression Betting Systems?

The name is a bit of a mouthful, but it is self-explanatory. When playing using either of these systems, your bet follows a certain progression. It can be as simple as decreasing your wager every time you lose. Maybe you think you will have a strategic advantage if you increase your bet after every third win. The wager is moving about; progressing.

However, this alone does not make a system. Systems have set rules that you follow, hopefully to a big win! That means just changing your bet is not enough. The change has to follow the rules, and those changes need a goal. Furthermore, a system requires a solid wager, ideally with even odds of winning either option.

There are two possible progression betting systems: negative and positive ones. Each one tries to organize your losses and wins in an attempt to give you an advantage. However, they go about this in very different ways.

Negative Progression

Odds are, you have probably heard of this method of playing. Each loss means you increase your wager, usually by doubling it. That way, if you win on the following round, you make your money back! It sounds great on paper, and it is not that difficult to apply it to roulette.

Negative progression betting systems target even money bets; Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low. These are low-risk wagers, with almost even odds. That makes them perfect for any betting system! Each time you win, you keep your bet stable. However, if you lose, you will increase your bet to compensate for the loss.

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Some of the most popular systems that fall into this category are Martingale, Fibonacci and D’Alembert. If you decide to play a negative progression betting system, we personally recommend Fibonacci and D’Alembert. While not entirely risk-averse, they are less prone to losing money compared to Martingale.

Positive Progression

Negative progression systems, while useful, do come with a significant flaw. You increase your bet after every loss. The odds of hitting a losing streak in online roulette playing even-money wagers, while low, is still present. A massive losing streak could quickly destroy your budget. As such, less risk-prone punters may be interested in a different method.

Positive progression betting systems flip the script on its head. Once again, you play Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low bets in roulette. However, you do not increase your wager with every loss. Instead, you systematically raise your wager to take advantage of winning streaks!

The best betting system in this category is Paroli. In it, you set a wager and increase it after each win. Then, after three or four wins, you reset the stake back to its starting value. You still have a chance to score some great wins without placing your budget in unnecessary danger.

Are Betting Systems Worth it?

Having spent lots of time writing about Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations, we can tell you there is no magic solution. Strategies and systems can give you a slight edge, but they will never remove the house edge outright. The same rings true for progression betting systems.

The issue is not with any system, but with roulette itself. Even money bets are not equal to odd bets. The presence of zero means your odds of winning are not precisely 50%. This is where the casino’s house edge comes in when you play roulette using this strategy. Still, it is better to play with a betting system than without one. Pick your favourite, and hope Lady Luck gives you her charming smile!