Live Dealer Casinos: The Future of India’s Online Gambling?

Online casinos are always quick to notice and take advantage of a new trend. This is one of the benefits of having a software-powered environment. There is no need to make room for new games or adjust your business to accommodate something new. With good planning, operators and software providers are able to launch brand new games and experiences seamlessly.

In fact, one of the most obvious examples of this in recent years has been live casino games. They have gone from novelty titles to creating live dealer game shows that cannot be found anywhere else. Many players in India and across the world loved the option to play with real dealers in front of them. However, that is just part of why live dealer casinos are as outstanding as they are!

Feels More Trustworthy

One of the most frequent questions from new players we at Indian Casino Club get is whether casino games are fair. It is easy to understand why they are sceptical. We cannot see the math model at work, and that causes some people to feel suspicious. The best thing most of us can go on are guarantees from reviewers or regulators. Both are solid, but if you feel like a casino is cheating you, neither are going to persuade you.

Live dealer games get around this because all the action is right in front of you. Players can see this is all played in the real world, with actual hosts and tables. Rather than trusting lines of code you will never see, you can see the dealer shuffling decks and spinning wheels. As a result, losses feel more like bad luck than the operator trying to cheat you.

For players who want to go the extra mile, there are live casino games that are played in real-world casinos. There, the host attends to actual players as well as punters enjoying the same release online. If you want to guarantee that there is no trickery going on, this is probably the best option out there.

Flexible Solutions

We were quite pleased to find out just how innovative live dealer games casinos can be. Online casino-goers complained about wait times at tables, so releases with limitless seats were introduced. Punters wanted to spice up the games they were playing, so developers introduced multipliers and other bonuses. When people felt intimidated by blackjack, NetEnt launched Perfect Blackjack that helps you learn the game.

NetEnt Blackjack Table

Live dealer casinos keep getting more popular by the day.

No matter if it is adjusting casino releases or creating new ones, live dealer titles have proven they are flexible. This is something many customers appreciate, as it helps them find a game that is just right for them. If software providers remain engaged with the community, then live dealer casinos will become standard. You could argue they are already, given the popularity of such titles!

The Real World Element

Part of going to an actual brick-and-mortar casino is the experience. You can chat with other people on the table, or crack a joke or two with the dealer. One of the greatest advantages live dealer games have compared to any other release is exactly this. It is not a solo experience where you are hoping that a slot grants a progressive jackpot. A chat box gives you an option to interact with others at all times.

Of course, finding a chatty table is not something you can guarantee. However, live casino dealers are trained to keep engaged with players. They will answer your questions and follow-up with their own. This goes a long way in getting people to communicate with the host, and with each other.

Is It Ideal?

Live casino games come with many advantages. That said, they are far from perfect, and have small issues that they cannot easily resolve. One is the presence of a bet timer. If you are completely new to a title, you may still be getting the hang of it. Having a timer ticking down pressuring you to place a bet is not great.

Another advantage of RNG-powered casino games is demo mode. Almost no live casino software provider allows you to try a release for no cost. If you want to try some odd and innovative live roulette tables, you have to pay for every spin. Even the betting range for live dealer releases is more restrictive, as these games have higher upkeep costs.