Presenting Innovative Live Roulette Games

When we say roulette variants, you most likely think of American or French roulette. This just goes to show that live casino roulette does not have nearly as many variants as other casino games. Blackjack and baccarat both have an impressive array of games that fundamentally alter how the original is played.

However, while they might be rare, innovative live roulette games are out there! Several software providers have tried their hand at making their own brand of roulette that will impress players. All five of the games we will look at use European roulette as a basis for their gameplay. Today, we will look into some of the best live casino roulette variants to find out what makes them stand out!

Lightning Roulette

Roulette is not a game that offers massive wins. Correctly guessing what number will be drawn does result in a good payout, but nothing that will change your life. Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette aims to change that! With each round, several lucky numbers are chosen for a multiplier increase, which goes up to 500x.

The multiplier only takes effect if you directly bet on that number. All your payouts are rather standard except for the Straight number bet. If no multiplier increases it, it will only pay 29:1 instead of the standard 35:1 we are used to.

Quantum Roulette

Playtech’s Quantum Roulette is a similar concept to Lightning Roulette. It also has multipliers added to random numbers. They can increase payouts from 50:1 to 500:1, and the increase only matters if you bet on that number directly. New to Quantum Roulette is Quantum Leap, which can double or triple an existing multiplier. The leap will still cap at a 500x multiplier.

Much like Lightning Roulette, the prize for a Straight number bet has been decreased to 29:1. This allows the software provider to fund the increased prizes awarded by the multiplier while keeping the same house edge. This has led it to quickly becoming and remaining an favourite!

Live Beyond Live Roulette

NetEnt has always been at the forefront of new and interesting design. Live Beyond Live Roulette just shows their talented team is capable of creating miracles with enough time and effort put into them! There are no gameplay changes in this live roulette version. Instead, it ties into existing NetEnt Live games while offering players a whole new dimension. Quite literally!

Live Beyond Live Studio

Live Dealer providers have started to show the spirit of innovation in development of Roulette games.

When you first launch this roulette variant, you will see your chosen table at the forefront. At the same time, you can see other tables that are currently being played. We can see how many punters are seated at each table, and the ongoing results of each game round. If another table looks more fun, you can quickly swap to it by just clicking on that table.

Rapid Roulette

Another entry from NetEnt will have more experienced players quite excited. Fun as roulette is, sometimes we want the action to go faster. This is slowed down through several factors. Dealers chatting and waiting for the result screen to disappear is just one of them. The way to solve it is simple: speed the process up by not wasting a single second more than you have to.

The result is a roulette table where each round lasts 25 seconds. Despite this, the interaction with the dealers is not hampered one bit! Rapid Roulette offers the best of both worlds, which we are certain many players will enjoy. There are no gameplay changes to the table, so you can use standard roulette strategies to improve your odds!

Live Jackpot Roulette

Ezugi continues to grow and expand even after Evolution Gaming acquired it. In fact, with Live Jackpot Roulette, the talented team may have even surpassed its new parent company! Rather than just offering you a multiplier, this game allows you to score a thrilling progressive jackpot prize! A small portion of all bets placed on the wheel contributes to growing the prize.

How do you win this constantly growing jackpot? This release goes about it in two ways. The first is that it is awarded completely at random. The second method will tie it to scoring a certain number, with the required number changing every spin. Which method is used is different, as each online casino decides how they want to set things up.