Learn to Play Online Blackjack with NetEnt Perfect Blackjack Live

It is no secret that we love online blackjack. After all, it is one of the few games where we feel we have control over the future of each round. You are given several choices you can make, and several choices stay with you until the round ends! You make your pick by seeing which cards you have drawn, and how the round progresses.

This setup has allowed smart blackjack fans to create a basic blackjack strategy. It works quite nicely we have to admit! It tells you what to do with every card combination you draw. Do you draw more cards or stop? Split your cards or double down on your existing bet? The strategy knows the best answer!

Of course, it can take a while to learn the basic strategy for blackjack. Either you need to have a table near you, or you have to play so much to memorize it. If neither option is something you like, you are in luck! NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack promises to teach players the ins and outs of the basic strategy, while they are playing the game.

How does it Work?

You play this release on a common draw blackjack table, with eight decks. Common Draw allows an unlimited number of punters to play the game at the same time. The table has space for three hands. You play just one to start with and can add the other two if you want to bet big. Players also have two side bets they can play: 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

After you place your bet, your interaction with the game is over. You have no input on what happens with the hands that were dealt to you. Instead, the dealer plays your cards for you, following a perfect blackjack strategy. We have tried plenty of online blackjack variants, but none that played themselves like this one! The dealer will briefly explain what move they made, and why they did it, before moving on to the next round.

When placing your bet, you can choose to auto-double or auto-split your hands. This tells the dealer to always double or split your cards if the option to do so is available. We do not recommend using these, as it could split a pair of tens. That is the opposite of what any blackjack strategy would tell you to do! You can make use of an Autoplay function, which will keep repeating your previous bet as long as you tell it to.

Can You Learn?

Provided you are just playing NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack Live, you can learn. However, that learning process will go very slowly. That is probably an intentional decision on the part of the developers. The longer you spend learning with them, the longer you spend playing the game!

NetEnt Live Perfect Blackjack

Check out Perfect Blackjack live dealer game from NetEnt and improve your Blackjack skills in the process.

The main complaint we have is that the rounds go by too quickly. The dealer will give a basic explanation of what they did, and will quickly move on. This is useful for punters who have a good understanding of blackjack itself. If you are completely new, you will probably be left with many questions.

Unfortunately, we do not think there is an easy fix for this problem. NetEnt still need to keep the rounds going at a reasonable pace. They cannot have their dealers sitting up to a minute without getting the next round going. People will get bored and will stop playing.

Still Worth Playing?

It is an interesting idea, but not one that works on its own. If you choose to play it, we recommend keeping a strategy cheat sheet handy. Check on it with each pull, to try to understand why the dealer played a certain hand. Once you are comfortable, you can even try to predict what cards the dealer will play.

For us at Indian Casino Club, the best way to learn blackjack is using the RNG software version. It allows players to check their strategy guides and learn at their own pace. You are not in a rush due to a dealer or other punters.

On top of that, you get to make decisions yourself, the knowledge you will need in the future. Unless you are super excited to get into live casino games immediately, we recommend doing this instead of playing Perfect Blackjack.