Guide to Playing Online Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is just one of many Indian casino games that recently made the jump into online spaces. This title draws inspiration from a traditional India gambling title called Katti. This is far from the only release hailing from India that has recently become popular online. Teen Patti has also drawn a sizeable audience.

Of course, with the rising popularity of these titles, there is a growing need to crack their code. Players will always seek an advantage, no matter how minuscule it will be. If that is what you are after, we are afraid Andar Bahar is not the right pick. Its simplistic gameplay leaves little in ways of strategy. Instead, this guide will walk you through how to how to play the game and its available variants.

Getting Started with Andar Bahar

Every round, the dealer takes a freshly shuffled deck and splits it. They draw one card from the deck and place it in a highlighted position. This card sets the value for that round. While the dealer draws the first card, you have time to bet on Andar and Bahar positions. You have until the betting timer runs out to make your decision.

With all wagers set down, the dealer will start drawing cards. They first draw a card for the Andar position, then the Bahar position. This repeats until a card with a matching value is drawn! If the first card was number eight, the dealer will keep drawing cards until another eight appears. Payouts vary depending on the software provider, but it is usually a 2x win for Andar and a 1.9x win for Bahar.

Many versions of Andar Bahar also allow you to set up side bets. One available side bet is to predict how many cards will need to be drawn for a matching card to be found. Another cool side bet is trying to predict what the value of the first drawn card will be. Different developers offer different side bets, so be sure to explore what is on offer.

Andar Bahar Games

As you might expect, a game this simply does not leave much room for variants. While players cannot expect to see huge changes, they do have access to several Andar Bahar tables they can play. They all offer similar gameplay loops but vary in other areas.

Our personal favourite is definitely Ezugi’s Andar Bahar table. The company has made some big moves in trying to capture an Indian audience. Ezugi launched an India-themed studio and hosts many games in that location. We are talking about titles like Lucky 7, Teen Patti, and of course, Andar Bahar!

how to play ezugi andar bahar

Ezugi Andar Bahar boasts impressive video quality.

What we like most about Ezugi’s version is how smooth it is to play. The video quality is awesome, and the user interface is intuitive. It also gives us statistics of the last couple of rounds, if you like chasing trends. Players have access to how many cards need to be dealt to win side bet in their Andar Bahar game.

One more excellent addition is Super Spade’s Speed Andar Bahar. If you ever wanted the action to go faster, this is the game to play! Here, you only have fifteen seconds to place your bet, which is much faster than other tables. Definitely a game worth trying out if you plan to play a lot of Andar Bahar in the future!

What’s Next?

Our time writing about Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations has taught us many things. One of them being that popular casino games always receive follow-ups. Given the simplicity Andar Bahar offers while having an exotic appeal, we have no doubt it will be successful. That means we expect more software providers to get on this train.

We would be pleasantly surprised if some software providers did not try to make their own variants, too. The only thing we can do is sit, wait, and watch what happens.