Teen Patti: Another Indian Game Available at Live Casino Tables

As the iGaming industry continues to grow every day, more and more competitors enter the field. New online casinos are launched every day, faster than most players can keep track of. Software providers are also feeling the pressure of increased competition. Existing developers fight to maintain dominance while brand new ones seek to take a chunk of the market for themselves.

In these conditions, drawing punters in is increasingly difficult. Just about every software provider has their own version of the popular titles like blackjack and baccarat. As a result, developers are turning to new games to pique customer curiosity. This has already led to the launch of the popular Andar Bahar release. Now, it is joined by another Indian game called Teen Patti.

Blending Two Popular Titles

Teen Patti first appeared on the Indian subcontinent. It borrows elements from three-card brag and poker, which ends up giving it a global appeal. The developers did not have to rearrange anything to make this game fit with the remaining card games. In fact, experienced punters may find it feels quite familiar. This release feels like someone blended three-card poker and baccarat into a single game, with great success!

Players start the round by placing bets on which side will win. Choose a coin value that suits you, and place it on either Player A or player B. The end goal is to correctly predict which of the two sides will win. Alongside these main bets, Teen Patti offers two side bets. There is a Pair Plus bonus for both sides and a 3+3 special feature.

Wins are granted depending on the drawn cards. Each three-card hand is trying to form the best possible poker hand. The winner is the stronger hand, and you receive the same 0.95:1 payment each time. If you want to spice things up, we recommend playing one of the two side bets. They give you an opportunity to win a sizeable prize, worth 1000:1! A massive upgrade compared to the standard payout.

Take Advantage of Betting Strategies

Choosing not to play side bets in Teen Patti is a difficult decision. After all, standard payouts are miniscule compared to what its side bets offer punters. Both sides pay 0.95:1 when won. In case of a tie, a push occurs, meaning bets o Player A and B are refunded. This leaves us with a 97.39% RTP, slightly better than European Roulette.

Ezugi Live Teen Patti Gameplay

Evolution and Ezugi are among live dealer providers to have added Teen Patti to their gaming portfolios.

Under such circumstances, using a betting strategy is beneficial to punters. Both sides have an equal chance of winning, which is as close to fifty-fifty odds you are going to get. Choose your side, and stick with it. Alternatively, use the statistics page in this release to watch for trends. Both options are valid and can produce incredible results.

Our recommendation is to use progression betting systems used in roulette. We have a slight preference for positive progression betting systems, but you can use both. It fundamentally depends on your perspective. Would you rather chase winning streaks, or try to combat incoming losses?

Side Bets

Playing betting strategies only works if you stick to the main bets. Some players will undoubtedly prefer this approach. However, more risk-loving punters may opt for a different approach. Side bets offer a higher house edge but allow you to get a bigger win as a result. Teen Patti has two available side bets Indian Casino Club staff recommend you take advantage of.

First on the list is Pair Plus. You can place this side bet on Player A or player B. The objective with this wager is to form a pair or better out of the hand you have chosen. The better the hand, the bigger the payout. A pair only pays 1:1, which is barely better than the standard payout. That said, it quickly ramps up, and a Royal Flush will reward you with a 100:1 score!

3+3 is an incredibly thrilling side bet. After both hands are dealt, this side bet will attempt to create a five-card poker hand out of them. You need at least a three-of-a-kind in order to earn a prize using this side bet. It starts with a 7:1 reward and climbs with hand ranking. The best possible prize is the Royal Flush, which pays a mouth-watering 1000:1 if won!