How come Andar Bahar is so popular in India?

Indian players enjoy a great number of different casino games. While our opportunities to enjoy them are limited, the internet provides us with many options. Punters from India often default to the most popular games. That said, there are releases that our players enjoy more than most. One of them has been the rising star of the online casino space, titled Andar Bahar.

The title originated in southern India and has spread to the rest of the country over the years. While being ‘our’ game certainly plays a part in the whole thing, it is not the only reason it is so popular. Join us as we take a closer look at this wonderful release, and figure out why so many love playing it!

Sweet and Simple

Andar Bahar is not a difficult game to pick up. It does not require you to learn an extensive strategy so you can play it effectively. Indeed, this release requires very little knowledge to be enjoyed. Perfect for relaxed, casual play.

You start this game by making side bets and drawing a middle card. Then, you choose the left or right side. The dealer will start drawing cards, placing one on the left, then one on the right of the middle card. This repeats until a card that matches the value of the middle card is found.

Luck plays the only factor in this release. Some Andar Bahar tips and tricks exist that we can use to improve our odds. However, they are minor things and barely affect how the game is played. Players who prefer simpler titles that they can relax to and occasionally win will find plenty to love here.

Betting Strategies are Possible

Part of the appeal with Andar Bahar comes from the mostly even money bets you benefit from. You only have two bets to make – whether the matching card will be drawn in the Andar or Bahar position. As such, both sides will win about 50% of the time, with Andar having a very slight advantage.

Andar Bahar Gameplay

We reveal the reasons why Andar Bahar is among the most popular games in India.

Similarly to baccarat, this has been accounted for in the game’s payouts. The exact rewards tend to vary depending on whose release you are playing. In Ezugi’s Live Andar Bahar, Andar pays 1.9x, while Bahar pays 2x. The values are similar or lower depending on where you play the game.

As a result, it is possible to implement something like a positive progression betting system when playing this release! The two main bets are perfectly structured for it, similarly to roulette’s even-money wagers. Of course, that kind of gameplay may not be suited for everyone. Fortunately, developers are prepared for this!

Side Bets

If you enjoy casino games, you have probably tried your luck with a side bet or two. These extra wagers usually offer worse odds for winning, but compensate it with better payouts. Andar Bahar’s side bets are no exception! The exact wagers you can or cannot play will vary depending on the version. That said, there are a few side bets that are shared across all games.

First are side bets that try to predict the value of the middle card. You can bet whether the card’s value will be greater or lower than eight. You can also wager that the middle card will be exactly eight! Players are also offered a chance to guess the suit of the middle card before it is drawn. All of these side bets are played before the main round starts.

Of course, there are side bets that are played after the middle card is played. One of the most common is predicting how many cards will be drawn before a match is found. Some releases let you bet on that value yourself. Others will set a number of card draws, and you only win if that number is exceeded.

Summing Up

We cannot help but feel proud of Andar Bahar. It is an Indian game that finds itself increasingly popular both inside and outside our country. It is a frequent favourite of Indian Casino Club staff, who play it at every occasion. If this game ever intrigued you, we wholeheartedly recommend trying it out. It is simple to pick up, and offers countless possibilities to win!