What is Volatility in Slots?

One thing that really stands out among video slots is just how diverse they are. If you played your fair share of video and classic slots, you know they offer a multitude of themes and gameplay elements. They can swap paylines for cluster pays, offer additional reels, and utilise unique special features. They are not set in stone like table games are. Each slot has the potential to be its own release!

That said, there are some elements that can be seen in every slot. These are things like expected return to player, hit frequency and volatility. Seeing as these are important elements, it only makes sense to give them an in-depth look. Today, we will explain everything there is to know about slot volatility. What it does, the different types that exist, and some cool titles to check out!

Volatility 101

When talking about slots, volatility tells us several things at once. The primary function it serves is warning us about the risk of playing a certain casino game. If a title has a high variance, it means results will vary a lot between rounds. Sometimes you will get no wins, and other times you will score massive prizes. It is all a matter of how safe you want your slot experience to be.

At the same time, a game’s volatility also gives us a hint about other things we can expect. Low variance releases usually have a high hit frequency, but the maximum prizes are small to compensate. Meanwhile, slots that are more volatile opt for less frequent wins, but bigger jackpots. Keep in mind, there are exceptions to this rule. However, you get the basic idea of what to expect from a title by checking its variance.

High Volatility Explained

High variance slots are games with a large difference between the minimum and maximum cash prize. If you see a release touting a possibility to win a jackpot worth more than 2000x your total stake? It is almost certainly a high volatility slot. These games are worth it in the end, as the high RTPs on most titles often tell us. A lot of effort for a shot at a huge win is what the best high variance games offer us!

Halloween Jack Gameplay

What is volatility and what does that mean for your slot play?

You should opt for this title if you want the thrill of winning big. They can be as simple or as feature-heavy as you like them. For punters who are willing to take the ultimate risk, there are also progressive jackpot slots! If you go for high variance, you should be ready to spin for a while. That said, they are often worth it in the end. There is a reason these are an Indiancasinoclub.in favourite!

Lowdown on Low Variance

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have low variance titles. Here players are able to enjoy a steady stream of small and medium-sized wins. Payouts will not deviate too much from the expected RTP. They are definitely the safer option, but it comes at the downside of a smaller top prize.

Low volatility is not for everyone, but it has its audience. Newer players often gravitate towards them as they get the hang of things. They are also popular with punters that want their session to last as long as possible. Quite a few casino members use lower volatility slots to grind out their bonus wagering requirements. Probably not their intended use, but it works!

Meet in the Middle

As you might expect, not all games can be easily split into these two categories. There are plenty of options to be found in the middle, and these are classified as medium volatility releases. They offer a compromise between frequent wins and big jackpots. Playing these titles, you get a bit of both, but neither option is as good as committing fully to one or the other.

No matter what your favourite choice is, you need an efficient way to find these slots. Fortunately, our games review list can help! It allows you to search just for video slots and to sort by low, medium or high volatility. If you have a favourite software provider, you can also browse titles made by them. Look through the list and read the reviews. You might just find something you like!