What Is the Best Strategy to Play Online Slots?

Slots come in many shapes and sizes. They come with different reel sizes and number of active paylines. Some incorporate elaborate payline systems like Megaways to make themselves more attractive. Then there are the myriad of different special features online slots have. Wilds, free spins, sticky symbols, multipliers, re-spins, and their numerous combinations! All of that is just the tip of the online slot iceberg.

However, one thing that is constant for all slots is the fact your wins are based entirely on luck. As such, an online slot strategy that functions in the same way the basic blackjack strategy does is impossible. However, there are ways to play online slots that can give you a leg-up over the operator. It is not enough to beat their in-built mathematical advantage by itself. However, you should take any advantage you can get!

Control your Bankroll

Big wins are one way to determine success in a slot session. Another is determining how long you can keep playing for. Every spin is a chance at landing an incredible win. Something progressive jackpot slots have used to their advantage to draw enormous audiences. Each round you play is an opportunity to win more. As such, maximizing how long you can play using your bankroll is key to any online slot strategy.

The best way to do this is to set your lower and upper limits ahead of time. You set these numbers to yourself for that particular session. Your lower limit is how much rupees you can afford to lose. The upper limit is how much you want to win for that particular session. If your balance ever reaches the upper or lower limit, you stop playing for the day.

You will certainly feel tempted to play beyond your limits. However, sticking to them allows you to stay in control of your bankroll. Be sure to set those limits with your current balance in mind. If you are playing with ₹1000, set your lower limit to be ₹700. Your upper limit can be set to ₹1300. These are example numbers, but they should give you the idea on how to plan your limits.

Planning your Bets

With slots becoming increasingly complex, things you need to consider when planning your wager have grown. Some specifics may alter your plans. For example, how much of your RTP value in a progressive jackpot is winning the jackpot. Fortunately, certain elements are constant. We can use them to construct a reliable method for planning our bets. They include:

  • The bankroll
  • Your limits
  • Wagers you can play
  • How many rounds per minute (RPM) you will play

Limits and bankrolls are something you will set yourself. Only you know how much money you can set aside for playing. Meanwhile, available wagers are things set by the software provider. Usually, more paylines means a higher minimum bet, but that is not always the case.

Rounds per minute is not a widely tracked metric. However, you can get a feel for it when playing the slot. We recommend doing so in demo mode first so you can get a feel for the game.

Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad online slot strategy gameplay

One of the best ways to increase your winning chances is to plan your bets.

Now, it is just a matter of combining all of these values to set your wager. Check your bankroll, available wagers and RPM. Then, assume you will lose every round. This is impossible, mind you. However, we use it to give us an estimate for how long we can play. How long can you play with ₹10 per spin? How about ₹20 or ₹100?

When planning your bets, you must consider how long you want to play. Finding the best balance between bet level and time spent is what sets apart the pros from everyone else. However, keep your expectations in check. Doing this will not guarantee you win every single round. It just means you will plan your budget better, and keep more of the money you win.

Is It Necessary?

Are there advantages to this kind of gameplay? Absolutely. However, it can also seem very intimidating for new players. If you have just started with slots, you do not have to follow this guide to the letter. Instead, Indian Casino Club suggests sticking to the basics. Set limits, do not bet more than you can afford, and have fun!