Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Winning at Online Poker

Poker has captivated many hearts and minds. Playing this game requires multiple skills, creating something unique that you are unable to get anywhere else. You need to keep track of your initial draw. What cards have appeared so far? How cards drawn later will affect your hand, possibly increasing or decreasing its value. Each time you are prompted to check or fold, it feels like a major decision.

When you add bluffing to that mix, it goes from an excellent release to an addictive one! Because poker has such a high skill ceiling, it also comes with more variants than any other title. For example, games where you play against a dealer, so bluffing is not a factor. Such a complicated title requires a fair amount of effort to learn and understand. To get you started, we selected the best five tips and tricks for winning at online poker.

Pick your Poker

As we already mentioned, online poker tables have many variants for Indian players to check out. These tables do have their own distinctions: namely, whether or not you are playing against other players. If you only play against a dealer, then you can play every hand in a straightforward fashion.

This is a massive boon to punters, though it does take some fun out of the whole experience. The dealer is forced to play following certain rules, making them predictable. It allows players to create mathematically backed strategies, similar to what blackjack offers its players. If that is your cup of tea, then you will have a blast. For everyone else, other poker games exist which let you to face off against other punters.

Make Use of Tournaments

Odds are, if your casino offers poker, it also hosts numerous online poker tournaments. There is no denying that they are incredibly fun. Especially if you are playing novel ones like Bounty tournaments where you have to eliminate someone from the table. Few things can match the fun factor of a poker tournament!

If you were happy just playing for fun, you would not be reading this article. Which is why playing tournaments is one of our tips. You will have to square off against plenty of players on your way to the top. As long as you play smart, and do not make any silly mistakes, you will do just fine. Do keep in mind tournaments can take ages to complete, providing several hours’ worth of fun!

Casino Hold'em poker

We present a number of strategy tips that should improve your winning chances when playing online poker.

Backup your Bluffs

Everyone has heard that one story about a person with an awful poker hand winning big using a bluff. Plenty of stories like that can be found among your friend circle and the internet. Specifically, because it makes for a good story! It overcomes the odds completely and is part of poker’s charm.

However, that is an incredibly dumb thing to try. If even one person calls your bluff, you may find yourself with a big loss to someone who actually has a good hand. As such, we recommend bluffing only if you have a chance at upgrading your cards into a better win. This is very important, as it serves as a backup if your bluff fails.

Go Hard on Strong Hands

The odds of you getting an amazing hand in poker are rare. Not as rare as a progressive jackpot in slots, but still rare. If you feel comfortable that you will not be outdrawn, you should play that hand to your advantage. Raise on every possible occasion, cross your fingers and pray the cards do not turn on you at the last second.

Ultimately, you will have a general idea about the state of your hand after the first three community cards are drawn. If you are lucky, your opponents will think you are bluffing and will try to follow along. It does not happen often, but when it does, it feels amazing!

Don’t Be Afraid to Fold

Sometimes, you will get a good hand to start with. Then, as the round progresses, it will become obvious your opponent has something better. Alternatively, your own hand will lose in value as one bad community card after another appears.

We at know how tempting it is to keep going and hoping for salvation at the last second. That said there is only one solution for a weak hand; cut your losses and fold before you lose.