Online Poker Variants for Indian Players

Poker is one of the most well-known card games in existence. It’s a perfect match of skill and luck that has well earned its reputation as the gambler game. Sure, maybe blackjack is better for you. But blackjack is as simple as you can possibly get! Poker is more complex, leaving room for mind-games between players. Everyone has their glory story about when they lured someone into pulling out with a weak hand.

Of course, if it was as simple as just opening a poker table, there would be no need for reviewers. Any good poker guide will introduce the basics, but they usually won’t cover the different poker variants you can play! But that’s what your friends at Indian Casino Club are for! We’ll go over some of the most popular variants currently available in online casinos targeting Indian gamblers.

Live Dealer vs Video Poker

For gamblers who are just starting out, we think video poker is the best way to go. It lacks the same thrill of playing against real-life opponents. But since it’s just you and the AI, it’s the perfect way to learn the basics! Once you’ve mastered the virtual side of things, you can move on to the real thing. And if you need some help, we’ve covered the best video poker tips and strategies.

But as soon as you get the hang of things, we recommend playing live dealer poker. We know a lot of gamblers shy away from live casino games, but it is the best way to play poker. This is where the real skill ceiling of this fan favourite game comes from! It’s not just keeping track of the numbers and combinations. It’s also guessing what the opponent has, and trying to trick each other every step of the way!

Most Popular Online Poker Variants

So, before you dive into the world of online poker, make sure you’ve prepared yourself accordingly. Read up on what the best casinos for online poker are, and all the live dealer casino details before registering. Then, once we’re all set, we can start searching for poker variants!

To the surprise of no one, the number one spot goes to Texas Hold’Em poker. This type of poker has become incredibly widespread thanks to the popularity of tournament play. Odds are, you already know how to play it. You receive two private cards which only you can see, and five open cards that apply to all gamblers. Three cards are revealed first, then the fourth, and finally the fifth. Get the best five-card combination of the seven total on the table, and you win!

Different online poker games

We present the most popular online poker games.

A personal favourite of ours that can be hard to find is Pot Limit Omaha Poker. The reason online casinos avoid hosting this game is because it is more skill-intensive. You’re dealt four hands but can only choose two of those four as your private cards. The community cards work the same way as they do for Texas Hold’Em. So your best five-card combination should contain two of the four private cards, and three of the five community cards.

A slight variation to the above is Omaha Hi Lo Poker. Again, you are dealt four private cards. But instead of ditching two cards, you use all four. Two to make your highest five-card combination, and two to make your lowest five-card combination. Thanks to having a high frequency of big pots, it has become a very popular poker variant for Indian players.

Of course, if you don’t want to play against other gamblers, you can always try Caribbean Stud Poker. You play it against the house, meaning there’s no need for bluffs or deception. Before cards are dealt, gamblers have to make an ante wager, before they receive five face-down cards. Players can only see one of the dealers’ cards. From there, you must fold or raise. Raising forces the dealer to reveal his cards, and determines the winner.

How to Choose a Poker Variant?

Sadly, the thrill of live poker is something you cannot experience for free. Not unless you get a group of mates to play in real life, anyhow! But there are plenty of video poker games that can get you acquainted with the basics. And once you have those down, it’s time to head to the tables to bluff your way to the top!