Top 5 Online Roulette Tips

For as long as gambling existed, people have yearned to find a way to improve their odds. Whether that’s finding a perfect strategy or by looking for combinations that appear frequently. The most adventurous even found ways to bend the rules, though their successes are never long-lived. It even impacts what game we choose to play!

Roulette players are no exception to this rule. We have no control of the wheel itself. We can calculate what bets are more likely to give us a return, but that’s about it. This means we have to take every advantage the rules allow!

We amassed a few tips and tricks that should make your roulette experience smoother and more lucrative. This advice will be beneficial to you whether you’re a veteran punter or a brand new player! These are Indian Casino Club’s top five online roulette tips.

Pick the Right Game

The wonderful thing about roulette’s popularity is that it created so many variants. Everyone knows the main split between American and European roulette. But there are other versions which you need to check out.

Our personal favourite is French roulette. It works in a similar way as European roulette does. The changes are the inclusion of a few extra rules, and the fact French names are used for everything. The most important change is the inclusion of the La Partage rule. It decreases the house edge from 2.7% to 1.35%, which is incredibly useful!

If you prefer to stick to standard roulette, we can also suggest trying Multi-Wheel roulette. This allows you to play the same bets across multiple wheels at the same time. Depending on the software provider and casino, you can play between two to eight roulette tables at the same time.

Spend Smart

Every so often, we will hear about the advantages of progressive betting systems. There is a time and a place for them, certainly. But for the vast majority of punters, these systems simply cost too much to be eligible.

You’d be surprised how quickly your costs can rise if you’re constantly increasing your wager. It doesn’t matter what prompts you to increase your stake. Avoid the temptation, and never spend all of your money.

Stick to the lessons our online casino money management article gives you, and you’ll be golden. Know how much you can spend, and stick to that budget.

Spinia Roulette Lobby

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Improve Your Odds

There’s not a player in the world who never felt the desire to bet big. To put it all on one number and get that miraculous win we saw on TV. Unless you’re playing a live casino roulette table with progressive jackpots, that won’t work out for you. The best possible prize you can grab is 35:1, while there are 37 numbers in total.

As such, our advice here is two-fold. When you’re still building your bankroll, play outside bets. Picking the right dozen and column stakes doesn’t reward much, but it’s a lower risk wager compared to inside bets.

When you’re ready to swap to inside bets, never bet everything on just one number. Spread your stakes out on several numbers, and cross your fingers!

Try Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is a game best experienced in company. The experience of playing with others, with a real dealer and wheel is something plain online games cannot replicate. But live casino roulette tables can! Not only are these releases more engaging, but they also offer some exclusive variants.

One of our favourite live dealer versions is Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette. The rules are similar enough to regular European roulette. But some changes were made to accommodate for multipliers. You can use this new addition to win prizes up to 500x your total stake!

Practice Makes Perfect

Ultimately, this last tip is aimed towards new punters. If you’re an experienced player, you already know what strategy you want to use. But even veteran roulette enthusiasts can benefit from an occasional bout of practice!

Demo versions exist for almost every roulette variant currently available. So if you’re ever interested in trying a new release, you should do so in free play. It gives you a no-risk environment, where you can work out and perfect your strategy.

So whenever a new roulette table catches your eye, see if a demo version is available first. Not playing for real money can be boring, but your wallet will thank you.