Top 5 Online Blackjack Tips

So, you’ve finally decided to try blackjack. You’ve heard all about its low house edge. How having a good betting strategy can drastically improve your odds. And you’d be right! Blackjack is a game where player skill truly shines through.

The good news is, it doesn’t take long to master the ins and outs of blackjack. The bad news is that it can be incredibly difficult to even know where to start! The rules themselves aren’t complicated, but they can be intimidating for newcomers.

In this article, we’ll tackle the most important tips for online blackjack success! So if you’re looking to go from zero to hero, we have you covered!

The Right Rules

Anyone with online gaming experience will tell you that there is a massive number of online casinos. And while some may host the exact same software, which may not always be the case. If you’re looking to play blackjack seriously, you need to know the best rules to look for.

Plays which give you the advantage include tables which force dealers to hit a soft 17. You should also try and find a blackjack round which has Surrender available. Also, keep an eye out for the blackjack payout. Most tables nowadays default to 3:2, though that’s not always the case.

Our advice? If the rules don’t suit you, walk away from that table. There are numerous blackjack variants available to Indian punters. It’s a bit of extra effort upfront to find a perfect table, but it will save you a huge headache later.

Know Your Strategy

Once you know the rules of the table, you can start looking for the ideal gameplay strategy. Blackjack is rare among casino games because it allows you to impact the round with your gameplay. Playing well means the probabilities of winning are higher.

But how do you know the perfect time to hit and split? How do you know when you should back off? You could spend a while trying to figure it out. Or you can take a sneak peek at our online blackjack strategy! Keep in mind our strategy is devised under certain rules, which may not be present on your table.

Still, the basics should stay the same regardless of what table you’re playing on. If the rules are drastically different, you may need to find a different strategy. Especially if you’re playing something exotic like Double Exposure Blackjack.

Live Blackjack table

Check out our selection of tips that can help improve your winning odds in online Blackjack.

Stick to Your Limits

We’ve been writing for for a while. In just that time, we’ve heard countless tales of people chasing after losses and failing miserably. If there has ever been a thing you should not do, then that is it.

Yes, there are betting systems like the Martingale, whose sole purpose is to chase after losses. They have you ramping up your wagers to chase after the win since the losing streak can’t last forever! But the problem with such betting systems is that you eventually hit the table limit, or run out of money!

Blackjack has one of the best RTPs if you play it properly. But no player has escaped the clutches of luck. If you can see that it’s not going well and that you’ve blown through your gambling money for the day, take a break. If you have trouble controlling your spending, use deposit limits almost every website offers nowadays.

Bonuses? Yes Please!

Every once in a full moon, you’ll come across a casino with a promotion for table games, which includes blackjack. Are these promotions always good? Not really. But if the conditions are good, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take them!

These promotions usually have some trick hidden up their sleeve. Make sure the wagering requirements aren’t insane (above 40x) and you should be good to go!

Try New Tables and Variants

Considering how much we stressed finding the right table, it might seem off that we’re suggesting finding another table. But trust us, this part is incredibly important!

Ultimately, blackjack requires you to do a bit of math. If you add a strategy guide to the mix, the need for that comes down. But it also limits how much fun you’re having while playing the game.

Boot up a different variant for an evening every so often. Spice up your blackjack experience, and you’ll never feel bored with the greatest casino game!