Online Blackjack Variants for Indian Players

Blackjack is a game people either love or hate. It has a long history and has become the go-to release for many card-loving gamblers. The reason for that is quite simple! Blackjack has the best RTP out of all the popular games, sitting at 99.41%. It also helps that this game is very easy to learn and understand. There’s no need to memorize what combinations of cards awards which prize. If you can count to 21, you’re ready to play.

But like so many popular games, blackjack has seen its fair share of changes throughout the years. Small adjustments to its rules to either make it more appealing or casual friendly. But how do these variants impact your gameplay? Which one should you choose to play? Have no fear, Indian Casino Club is on the case. Answers to all your questions lie beneath.

Virtual vs Live Casino Blackjack

Probably the biggest difference you’ll find among online blackjack games is between virtual and live dealer tables. Regular online tables are completely powered by RNG. There’s no time limit or other players to worry about. Limits on tables are usually much wider since it’s only ever one person playing: you! On top of that, virtual blackjack has a larger selection of variants on average. It all depends on the casino you’re playing on.

In contrast, live dealer blackjack easily beats its virtual counterpart when it comes to the atmosphere. Watching an actual dealer put cards on the table is a lot better than watching them magically appear. Don’t get us wrong, characters and animations for regular online blackjack have improved drastically. But it’s not the same as being able to play and talk with other players and the dealer.

Most Popular Online Blackjack Variants

Depending on which casino you find, you can find a lot of different blackjack variants! Most of the variations mentioned here are only for virtual blackjack. That said, some of them have applied to live dealer blackjack too. Just remember to make good use of blackjack strategy, and, with a bit of luck, you’ll be winning in no time.

The easiest to understand is Multi-Hand Blackjack. It’s all the same rules you’re used to, but you get to play several hands. The version we tried out allows for up to five hands to be played at the same time.

Something a little more different is Pontoon, also known as Australian Blackjack. The difference here is that you cannot stand on hard hands ranging from 12 to 14. Your hand must be 15 or higher, or else it doesn’t count. If your casino offers Australian pontoon, you will see that all 10’s have been removed from the decks, too. To make up for it, it adds a lot of bonus wagers and rule adjustments, increasing your chances to win!

Different online Blackjack variants

We present the best Blackjack variants in online casinos.

One more fun blackjack variant is called Double Exposure. The dealer’s first two cards (the double) are dealt face up (exposed). This gives you a significant advantage over the house since you can see the cards and bet accordingly. As a result, additional rules are put in place to maintain the house edge. Blackjack wins are reduced to even money instead of 3:2, and if you tie with the dealer, you lose money instead of just gaining it back.

The last one that we felt worth mentioning was Single Deck Blackjack. Most blackjack games use between six and eight decks of cards. This is done to discourage card counters and increase the house edge. If you apply the proper strategy and can count cards, you can get away with a lot of wins! Most software providers that offer this type of blackjack have heavily nerfed the payouts, which again increases the house edge.

How to Choose a Blackjack Variant?

There’s no sure-fire way to know which variant will appeal to you. Fortunately, most of the online casinos we have reviewed will give you an opportunity to try their games in demo mode. And while you can’t do that for live casino releases, you can practice virtual blackjack games as much as you like. So pick a variant that looks interesting, give it a few spins, and see if you enjoy how it plays!