Top 5 Bankroll Tips When Playing Slots

Slots have been occupying the minds and wallets of gamblers since time immemorial. Many players will argue against them, but the rows of slot machines in any brick-and-mortar casino shows clear demand. We also fall into this category! With so many different slots and mechanics, saying no can be incredibly difficult. Especially with such massive jackpots and exciting special features!

Most games in this category tend to focus on one big payout after playing for a while. For these types of releases, it can be quite tempting to go all-in and hope for luck. However, any experienced punter will tell you that is a disaster waiting to happen! If you are looking to keep your budget in check while playing slots, we suggest the following five tips!

Only Play with Money You Can Afford to Lose

We will start with the most obvious and most important piece of advice. All casino games will eventually take money from you in the long term. Short-term bursts of luck where you beat the casino are possible. If they were not, nobody would ever gamble! That said you should never rely on that stroke of luck to bail you out. When you set money aside for your hobby, do so knowing you may lose them all.

Fortunately, online casinos are subject to strict online gambling regulations. These organisations demand certain things from operators in order to approve them. If you are having trouble limiting your spending, you can ask the casino to set a deposit limit for you. That way, you can guarantee you never more money than you planned for that week or month.

Get a Big Bankroll

This tip depends on how much you plan to spend per spin on your slot of choice and how volatile it is. A low variance game that you play for a few rupees will not require a massive bankroll. However, your budget should still be around 200x your average bet when it comes to slots. This will allow you to chase after big wins and progressive jackpots in online slots without worrying you will run out of money.

Bonanza Slot game

Top bankroll tips to have in mind while playing online slots.

Adaptation is Key

Big wins are rare, but they do happen. Most players dream about them, but can often feel overwhelmed when they actually happen to them. From our experience writing about Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations, punters will fall into two camps. Either they immediately withdraw their wins to spend them elsewhere, or they ramp up their wagers and waste the money.

Now, you are free to use your jackpots however you like. For us, the best option was somewhere down the middle. We would withdraw part of the win and buy something with the money. A little memento of that time you got lucky – it makes a great story to tell others! The rest of the money would stay for more betting. It allowed us to skip on a deposit or two, or to increase our bets slightly.

Take it Slow

It can often be tempting to go all out when it comes to playing slots. Doubly so if you are feeling the pressure to win a progressive jackpot! However, that is precisely what you should not be doing. Do not enable any quick spin mechanic. Let the animations play out in front of you. Admire the effort the artist team of your favourite software provider put into making that game.

You may think this is not particularly fun, and we can see where you are coming from. That said, fast spins means you expose more of your budget to the game. Obviously, you cannot win a big prize without spending. That does not mean you have to spam click the Spin button as soon as it becomes available. Slower spins means your budget lasts longer. Particularly useful for more casual punters!

Special Features are Your Friend

Nowadays, most mouth-watering prizes are hidden behind special features. That by itself is reason enough to look for games that have plenty of bonuses. However, they also offer an advantage which ties into the previous tip! Each special feature you play delays you from having to spend money to spin the reels. Even if you win very little from the bonus, you benefitted from saving a few rupees.