How to Win Progressive Jackpot in Online Slots?

Gambling is a hobby that’s been around for a long time. Probably as long as humans have existed and owned things! The thrill of putting it all on the line, to unexpectedly sweep the table and take the big prize home. The sensation is universal, shared by many people across the world. Which naturally raises the question. What’s the biggest possible win that I can get?

The answer becomes obvious every so often when we see a big progressive jackpot win in the headlines. Slots with progressive jackpots have always been incredibly popular with players.

In this article, we’ll go over what it takes to have your name appear in the headlines. Harden your hearts and your wallets, dear readers. Winning a progressive jackpot is a challenging experience.

Progressive Jackpot Basics

Step one to beating your enemy is knowing your enemy! As the name implies, progressive jackpots don’t have a fixed value. Usually, the software provider will supply the initial amount of money. The value then increases the more money punters spend on the slot. By default, 0.99% of each spin will be added into the progressive jackpot or jackpots.

Yes, jackpots! Plenty of games will go for multiple progressive jackpots. We see this a lot with Playtech’s progressive slots. They’ll include two, three or even four progressive jackpots. Some are incredibly small, while others reach those mouth-watering numbers we occasionally see in the headlines!

Another relatively recent addition are time-limited progressive jackpots. This means these jackpots must be won by a specific time. It answers a concern that’s often raised against progressive jackpots. That being the fact you could spin thousands of rupees away, without ever seeing anything close to a progressive jackpot win.

Finally, progressive jackpots can be won either randomly, or by triggering a special feature. It depends on the specific slot that you’re playing. So when you launch it, make sure to look at the paytable for details!

Mega Fortune Progressive Slot

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How to Win the Progressive Jackpot?

Besides choosing a game with a time-limited progressive jackpot, there’s nothing you can do to impact when it happens. As a result, players who are serious about winning a progressive jackpot have to play smart. Really, the advice we offer in this section is quite similar to the one we’ve given in our online casino money management guide.

The advice being: play it safe. Don’t let the slot tempt you into playing for big sums of money. Easier said than done, especially with modern progressive jackpot games! They usually come with very powerful special features, which can produce an excellent win or two. Since you’re going to be waiting long for that progressive jackpot anyways, you might as well risk a little for another big win, right?

Well, you can. But we definitely would not advise it! If you’re serious about scoring the best possible prize, you’ll have to sacrifice a bit of fun to do it. And that leads us to the next question we’ll tackle.

Are Progressive Jackpots Worth It?

Personally, we don’t think they do. Not as your primary gaming activity, at any rate! Uncapped progressive jackpots can go weeks and months without anyone scoring it. Now, imagine keeping to a strict wager schedule day after day, in hopes of scoring those thrilling millions. We’d go mad!

Fortunately, there are ways around this. Our go-to method is to set aside a portion of your monthly budget for progressive jackpots. Go in, play a few spins, see if you get lucky. If not, you’ll get a new chance to win the next time you top-up.

Alternatively, punters can choose to play progressive jackpots which are time-limited. Knowing that the progressive jackpot has to hit by a set date can be incredibly motivating. Especially as you’re watching the hours tick down on a weekly progressive jackpot, knowing each spin could possibly award that awesome prize!

Closing Thoughts

Sadly, there’s no sure-fire way to win a progressive jackpot, slots or otherwise. But you can follow the steps we’ve outlined in this article to improve your chances. The team at have tried our luck at these elusive jackpots, too. We never managed to score one. But we hope our experience helps you win the progressive jackpot of your dreams!