Top 10 Questions Asked by New Online Casino Players

We like to pride ourselves on the best places for players to learn about online casinos. Each article we create is done with the hopes of giving our readers some new information. Sometimes, it is an explanation of a new slot special feature. Other times, we may want to highlight a promising release we came across. We write many of them with the expectation that you know a little bit about online casinos.

Having said that, we occasionally get curious players who want to know more about this hobby. We compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions new online casino players ask. If you are brand new to the world of iGaming, you may find some important answers here!

Is Online Gambling Legal in India?

Brick-and-mortar casinos are illegal in India. That is unless you live in a specific state in the country. As such, for most players, online casinos exist in a grey area. Players take part in the hobby, and we have not seen anyone being charged over it. We discussed the issue of gambling in India in a previous article. We suggest looking into it for a more detailed breakdown of the situation.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

Players are naturally skeptical about placing their money online. This has changed in recent years with the rise of mobile banking services. Regardless, a financial institution in the country and a website outside of it are vastly different. Provided you stick to safe online casinos, you should not run into any issues. We have personally reviewed these websites and can vouch for their quality.

Are Online Casinos Fair?

Fairness is an important thing for any online casino. Websites compete with one another for player attention, and cheaters are found out. There are several quick ways to make sure an operator is not a fraud. Casinos licensed by a gaming regulator are safe in the vast majority of cases. You can also look for reviews to see what other websites and your fellow players have to say.

Can You Win in Online Casinos?

All casino games come with an expected return to player, or RTP for short. RTP values tell us how often we can expect a payout. For example, roulette has an RTP of 97.3%. That means you will usually win 97 rounds out of every 100 rounds you play.

Of course, titles are rarely quite so uniform. With luck, you can win and beat the casino in the short term. That said, no operator will host casino games where they are at a loss. So treat gaming like a hobby, rather than a way to get rich quickly. In the long-term, the house always wins.

Why do Casinos Need My Information?

When you first sign up for online casinos, you will see they ask plenty of questions. These are used to verify your identity and to prevent underage gambling. Make sure to enter valid information. If your account and payment details do not match up, you might find your account suspended or banned.

What are Casino Promotions?

Operators use a variety of tools to get you to sign up and keep playing. Promotions are one of the most effective ones! Players are tempted by promises of your deposited funds being doubled or getting free spins for popular slots. Before you accept one, make sure to read our online casino bonus terms & conditions guide.

Can I Play Online Casinos on My Phone?

Yes, you can! The industry has made a massive push towards platform parity between desktop and mobile. Nowadays, you can complete the sign-up process for an online casino directly from your phone. Some operators even require you to have a phone number in order to sign up!

What Are the Best Casino Games?

It depends on the metric you want to check them under. The best release is usually one that keeps you entertained for the longest time. That said, there are ways to compare titles. For example, blackjack is a fan favorite because it has the highest RTP among easy-to-find casino games. It is also an Indian Casino Club favorite because of its in-depth strategy!

Blackjack cards and chips

Blackjack is a fast-paced game, which makes it the first choice for many players.

How do I Stop Gambling?

Gambling is addictive, and no one who says otherwise means you well. As part of the responsible gambling initiative, online casinos are obliged to restrict you if you request it. They will issue you temporary bans to give you time to cool off if you contact their support team.

What Are the Best Payment Options?

Personally, we think e-wallets are the best pick for Indian players. Cryptocurrencies are still volatile despite the Supreme Court ruling them legal. Credit and debit cards will restrict transactions if they come from online casinos. That leaves e-wallets as the best choice for both time and ease of use.