Online Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions Explained

Over the years, the number of players opting for online casinos has skyrocketed. The rise of powerful mobile devices and the internet becoming part of our daily lives has transformed our habits. In larger places, it is not uncommon to be able to order food, groceries and other items delivered to you. In a similar way, more punters than ever are enjoying playing casino games online due to the extra convenience.

An increasing number of players means more operators competing for members. As such, many casinos are utilising eye-catching bonuses to attract your attention. Whether they are something simple like deposit rewards, or another less common online casino bonus. That said, before you jump into any promotion, you should look into the details of that offer. In this article, we will show you how!

What Are Bonus Terms & Conditions?

Similar to casino terms and conditions, these are rules that govern the conditions offered by promotions. Each bonus has its own terms, governing its wagering requirement, time limit, maximum bet, withdrawal limits and restricted games. While most operators have a set bonus T&C, they make adjustments depending on what bonus you choose to play.

All About Wagering Requirements

One of the most frequent questions new players have is how wagering requirements work. The short of it is that this is how much you need to wager your initial deposit or bonus amount. Most operators will set wagering requirements to just the bonus amount you have won. That means if you played twenty free spins and won ₹500, you would have to pay ₹500 times the wagering requirement.

Most wagering requirements float between 20x to 40x, although we have seen some go as high as 60x! You should be aiming to find something between the first two figures. These are reasonable wagering requirements. With a 20x wagering requirement, you would need to play through ₹10,000 (20 x ₹500).

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Things you need to consider when claiming an online casino bonus.

Once a wagering requirement is met, the bonus amount you have won turns into real money. At that point, you can withdraw the funds or continue using them to play.

Time Limits

Casinos do not want players to leisurely sit on their promotions. They want you playing as much as possible because your high engagement means more money for them long-term. This is why a great number of bonuses come with a time limit. Most promotions usually last a month, but some can be longer or shorter. Once again, it depends on the exact bonus you are claiming!

Maximum Bet

High rollers are a casino’s best friend on most occasions. They play big sums in hopes of getting back even bigger ones! However, the amount of money these players throw around could trivialise wagering requirement completion. As a result, operators often include a maximum bet that you cannot go over. If you exceed the maximum bet, you are no longer eligible for the promotion.

Withdrawal Limits

Of course, these are subtle ways of ensuring players do not exceed the online casino’s expectations. If they want to make sure you do not take home a big amount of rupees, they can also set a withdrawal limit. This is different for each bonus. If a withdrawal limit is in place, then you cannot withdraw more than the operator has set.

As an example, say you had a welcome bonus that gave you 200 free spins on a slot. You get super lucky, and end up winning ₹50,000 in total! However, the online casino has set a ₹10,000 withdrawal limit on that bonus. Once you met the wagering requirement, you would only be able to withdraw ₹10,000 worth of real money. The remaining funds would be forfeited to the casino.

Restricted Games

Our team does our best to bring you different games from the realm of Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations. There is plenty of variety among these releases. Some offer progressive jackpots and others have some awesome special features. This variety makes sure some games are better than others are for completing bonuses.

This is why operators come prepared with a list of restricted or semi-restricted games. Some table games only offer a limited contribution to the wagering requirements. Others do not contribute at all, and playing them does not progress your promotion playthrough. Each online casino blacklists different games, so you will need to dig through the T&C to find this information.