Should You Avoid Online Slots with High Volatility?

Online slots come in many shapes and sizes. Players who have been playing them for a while know the wide range of options that these games offer. Various special features, payline systems, and reel structures make every release slightly different. However, one very important and less talked about factor is slot volatility. It is a basic concept, but one that has a massive effect on your gaming experience.

If you do not have any prior experience with slot variance, do not worry. The ICC team is here to explain this part of the world of Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations, too. Join us for a detailed explanation of what volatility is and whether you should avoid high variance games.

What is Volatility?

Variance or volatility can be summed up easily as a risk factor. The higher a release’s variance, the higher the risk of playing it is. Because of this, slots are often broken into several categories of volatility: low, medium, and high. However, it is easier to think of variance as a slider rather than a fixed setting. Two games can be high volatility, but one can be drastically riskier than the other is.

Low variance games feature frequent low-value wins. These prizes will often not be much higher than the wager. That way, even if you win often, it will never be anything substantial. High volatility is the exact opposite. Here, wins are more difficult to achieve. However, the winning potential is much better to compensate. Medium variance lies somewhere between the two, offering the best of both worlds.

High Volatility Specifics

One of the most important things to remember with high variance games is their theoretical maximum payout. This is what usually attracts most players to these titles. The promise of winning 3,000x, 5,000x, 10,000x, or even more is very tempting! The same appeal draws players to progressive jackpot slots.

As with progressive jackpots, it is good to remember that the maximum payout is hard to reach. There is a reason high volatility titles are high-risk. The top prize is difficult to achieve and requires a lot of luck. While you are hunting after it, you are spending rupees with each spin without getting much back. This is something high rollers can afford for themselves, but casual players cannot.

Should You Avoid High Variance?

There is a case to be made for both playing and avoiding high volatility online slots. The upsides are obvious. Players can look forward to bigger wins when they do eventually happen. Large jackpots that you take a screenshot of to brag to all your friends. The sort of prize you can happily withdraw and fool around with after the fact. You can think of highly variable slots as a lottery in that regard. They just have a better RTP!

Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine gameplay

Even though highly volatile slots have a high RTP, they require more money to play.

However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. High volatility releases require more money to play. Wins are usually rare or offer such small compensation that you lose more than you gain. This is offset with a big win that gives players that much-needed rush of excitement. However, this prices out a large portion of India’s players who do not have big budgets.

It all comes down to two things. First, can you afford to play high volatility slots? Can you efficiently manage your bankroll to take home a big prize? The second is whether you want to. The promise of big wins is tempting, but the road to jackpots is long and tiresome.

If your answer to both questions was yes, then you should check out some highly recommended high variance slots. However, if you cannot afford them or do not want to grind for big wins? You are better off skipping them in favour of games that suit your style better.