Lightning Roulette: Pros and Cons

It’s no secret that we love roulette. It’s the perfect game to relax to. Set up your bet, lean back, sip a cool beverage of your choice and let Lady Luck decide what happens! The lack of control can be liberating, especially after playing an hour or two of blackjack.

However, as time went on, more and more players were drawn away by slots. They can offer better, stylised graphics, and much bigger wins! It was clear that the age-old formula needed something to freshen it up. It would fall to Evolution Gaming to reimagine roulette, and add amazing multipliers to each game round; creating Lightning Roulette!

Of course, that raises the question: is Lightning Roulette worth it? Is it better than the original release that’s been a casino staple for so many years? Only you can decide whether it’s something you want to play. We’ll simply go through all the pros and cons of Evolution Gaming’s latest venture, and help you make your choice.

The Pros

The number one advantage Lightning Roulette offers are its amazing multipliers. After placing your initial bets, the wheel spins. Several numbers can become enhanced by the multiplier, which can climb up to 500x! What number is chosen, and how much it will be boosted is randomly determined by the developers’ RNG engine. If you choose the correct number, you win the boosted prize!

Another area where Evolution Gaming’s release impressed us is its RTP. Variants will usually offer a much higher house edge compared to standard European Roulette. Not this game! It gives us the same 97.30% RTP that you’d get playing a standard table! Keep in mind that it’s much higher volatility. While the numbers may even out over time, it will take them longer to get to the same spot.

Graphics also deserve an honourable mention. With a gold and black theme, the release can look quite striking at times. On top of that, we have a cool lightning effect that plays every time a new set of multipliers appear! Combine that with a friendly host that does their best to keep you engaged, and you have a feast for the eyes. Great work, Evolution Gaming!

The addition of multipliers drastically alters how you want to make your bets. However, the board itself remains the same, which means you can immediately jump in and play! Inside and outside bets remain the same, though you’ll be playing a lot more Straight bets compared to regular European Roulette.

Evolution Gaming Live Lightning Roulette

We review Lightning Roulette live dealer game from Evolution Gaming, highlighting its strong points.

The Cons

If you’re used to playing roulette using a set strategy, then Lightning Roulette will quickly become your worst nightmare. Systems like the Martingale or the Fibonacci are quickly thrown out the window here. The best thing you can do is play some safe bets while wagering a few Straight stakes here and there. You’ll probably be losing money until the multiplier lines up with your number and you get a big win!

One huge downside to Evolution Gaming’s release lies in the fact it pays less for all bets. This is how the developers can keep the same RTP while adding so many big multiplier wins; base level prizes are lowered. A Straight bet, no multipliers will pay 30:1 in Lightning Roulette. That same wager on a regular table would earn you 35:1. Cross your fingers and hope you score a big multiplier prize!

Those of you with a bad internet connection may want to reconsider playing this live casino release. Yes, the developers have added a way to accept low-quality video to allow you to keep going. However, if you’re experiencing frequent freezes, it might be better to stick to a single-player version. Fortunately, Lightning Roulette can be played in single-player mode using Evolution Gaming’s First Person series!

Do You Play?

We mentioned earlier that only you can decide if you want to play this game or not. We still stand by that, but we definitely recommend trying it out. We spend a lot of time writing about Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations, so we know how rare this kind of innovation can be. It’s fun, lucrative, and you can share the experience with your friends. If you’re looking to spice up your roulette evenings, it’s a definite must-play!