Popular Baccarat Betting Systems

Over the years, baccarat has been silently creeping up in popularity. It was never in the spotlight by itself. It never commanded the absolute dominance roulette, poker and blackjack have. In spite of fierce competition, it has become an obvious player favourite. Simple gameplay allows punters to jump in and enjoy it immediately. At the same time, it has the potential to keep you entertained for hours!

While playing for the fun of it is nice, most players hope to turn a profit. As a result, we often turn to exciting promises of betting systems and strategies to help us out. Today, we will discuss a few of these systems, and see how much they can assist us. At the end of the day, it all comes down to luck. However, with a little bit of organization, you can take advantage of those lucky streaks to increase your budget!

Basic Strategy First

Before you pick a baccarat betting system, you should go over some core baccarat strategies. They may seem self-evident, but many punters can lose sight of them in the heat of the moment. You do not need to drill these into your head to be successful. That said, that tie bet will not magically become a better choice just because you won the last three hands.

Some elements of the basic baccarat strategy also depend on your chosen game. For example, the 5% banker bet commission is entirely absent in no commission baccarat. This shifts the rules and payouts in that release, which requires you to adjust your strategy, in turn.

Paroli’s Baccarat System

If you ever played roulette, you may have come across Paroli’s system. It is a positive progression betting system that takes advantage of winning streaks. The idea is to increase your wager a few times while winning, before resetting to the starting value. Of course, just visualising this can be difficult. The table below should give you an idea of how Paroli’s system works applied to baccarat.

Amount bet ₹100 ₹200 ₹100 ₹100 ₹200 ₹400 ₹100 ₹200 ₹100
Win/Loss Win Loss Loss Win Win Win Win Loss Win


In our example, we used ₹100 as the starting bet and decided to reset after three wins. As you can see, each time we lose, we go back to our default bet of ₹100. When we win, we double the wager and keep increasing it until we hit the reset point. We find resetting after three wins to be a safe option and suggest you do the same.

Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat

Check out some of the most popular betting strategies for online Baccarat.


Another popular baccarat strategy is 1-3-2-4. The system functions on a similar principle as Paroli’s strategy. The name is a giveaway to how you increase your wagers. With this system, your reset point is after four wins. It may not bring the same yield as Paroli, but it offers a better loss recovery. Once again, we use a table to help up visualise how the betting system works.

Amount Bet ₹100 ₹300 ₹200 ₹100 ₹100 ₹300 ₹200 ₹400 ₹100
Win/Loss Win Win Loss Loss Win Win Win Win Win
Balance ₹1100 ₹1400 ₹1200 ₹1100 ₹1200 ₹1500 ₹1700 ₹2100 ₹2200
1-3-2-4 1 3 2 1 1 3 2 4 1


We start with a balance of ₹1000 and bet ₹100 per round. Each time we win, we increase the wager following the 1-3-2-4 pattern. When a loss occurs, the pattern resets back to one and stays there until you win again. Ideally, we would manage to win four times in a row and complete the pattern. If that happens, you start the pattern on one again.

Pattern Tracking

This betting system is unique to baccarat and relies on how often each of the three main bets win. The three percentages you need to know to play Pattern Tracking are as follows.

  • Banker bets win 45.843% of the time
  • Player wagers win 44.615% of the time
  • Tie bets score 9.543% of the time

Now, let’s say you start a game of baccarat and open the big road. You notice that the player has a win percentage of around 49%, higher than its average. In that case, you may choose to play banker bets. Not because they are naturally advantageous, but because you expect them to occur due to the average.

Mind you, this is far from a guaranteed thing. We at Indian Casino Club use this strategy regularly and can assure you it is not fool proof. At the end of the day, luck is the major deciding factor for all baccarat betting systems. Use whichever one suits you best, and hope Lady Luck decides to help you!