Online Casino Games and Positive Progression Betting Systems

Betting systems have been a thing for as long as we can remember. Their basic premise is simple: follow our betting strategy, and you’re bound to win! Unlike actual game strategies, however, there are no guarantees these systems work. They can help, sure. But at the end of the day, you’re still at the mercy of Lady Luck.

Last time around, we covered negative progression betting systems. The conclusion of testing these systems was obvious. The basic idea behind them is solid. But they’re all incredibly weak to a devastating losing streak! If you increase your wager after every loss, you will eventually run out of money.

So what if we had a system that did the opposite? One that increased your bet whenever you won money? That’s a positive progression betting system! We’ll take a look at some of the most popular systems currently on the market. And test just how viable they are for casual play!

Paroli Betting System

This is the best-known positive progression betting system and for good reason. It’s built from the grounds-up to take advantage of winning streaks. The basic idea is to choose a number of wins you want to achieve, before resetting back to your default bet. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry! The example will make it clear.

We sit down on a table and decide to play a few rounds. We set our default bet to be ₹100 and decided to reset after four wins. So you place your first ₹100 bet, and win ₹100 more! Your second bet will be worth ₹200, and you win it again! Your third bet is now ₹400, and you’ll get ₹400 more if you win. Now that you’ve reached spin four, you reset and go back to a ₹100 bet. This is a successful sequence under Paroli’s system.

Of course, this is all assuming you keep winning the entire time. What happens if your winning streak is interrupted by a loss? In that case, you immediately reset back to your chosen default bet. Please remember that your default bet should allow you to make a lot of wagers. Paroli’s betting system won’t bankrupt you with increasing wagers, but it counts on you knowing your limits.

One Half Up

Eagle-eyed players will notice we’re always betting the entirety of our winnings with Paroli’s system. This is great for ramping up your wins. If you can keep a winning streak going, it’s an incredibly lucrative system! But one loss means all your wins are wiped out. One Half Up tries to solve that high-risk factor by lowering the amount you bet.

Let’s start with ₹100 again. You win the first round and get a ₹100 prize. You don’t increase your wager yet. On round two, you win again. Now that you’re ahead, you can increase your prize, but only by half! So, a ₹100 wager becomes a ₹150 bet. Winning ₹150 means your next bet is ₹200. And if at any point you lose, you still keep half of your winnings pocketed.

Placing bets

How do positive progression systems work when it comes to playing casino games for real money?

Contra D’Alembert

We covered the original D’Alembert system in our previous article. A quick refresh if you’ve forgotten; you increase your bet by one unit after every loss. So if your default bet is ₹100, you’d increase it to ₹200, then ₹300… However many it took until you won again!

And as the name so clearly hints at, Contra D’Alembert is the exact opposite idea. Rather than increasing your wager with every loss, you increase it with every win. If you lose, then you bring the wager back by one unit. Unlike Paroli, where you immediately go back to the default value, here, you decrease it by one. Using the example above, a loss at ₹300 means you bet ₹200 in the next round.

Are They Worth It?

In the long term, you won’t win any more or less using these systems. The RTP of each casino game is absolute; the operators will always turn a profit. But in the short-term, they can bring you some awesome wins.

Personally, we at recommend Paroli’s system. It’s the riskiest of the strategies mentioned here. But when you get a big winning streak and score several big prizes, you’ll feel like the king of the world.