Online Baccarat: RNG vs Live Dealer?

We first fell in love with baccarat when James Bond showed us how it was done. Baccarat was already a widespread game at that point. After the movie, it exploded in popularity and drew in many new fans. As a result, transferring baccarat to online casinos was never questioned. It was a sure thing, and almost every operator has at least one table.

Today, we will look at RNG and live dealer baccarat. We plan to inspect all the advantages each version offers to see which one is better. Now, the only one who can decide which one they like best is you. Our job is to guide you to that decision and allow you to maximise your enjoyment!

Advantages of RNG Baccarat

Baccarat is often touted as the simpler version of blackjack. While that is true, it does not mean baccarat is an easy game to learn if you are brand new. It still takes some time to acclimate and get used to playing the optimal baccarat strategy. For new punters, RNG baccarat is definitely the way to go! A timer does not limit you like it does in the live dealer version. This removes a major source of stress new punters experience!

Another boon for new players is the presence of a demo mode. Live dealer games are far more expensive to maintain, as they employ real people. All gameplay is streamed from a studio, and all of that equipment needs active maintenance. In contrast, RNG-powered software is far cheaper and requires less maintenance. That means developers allow players to try their games before spending real money on them.

Even then, they will not require as much money. Due to higher upkeep, live dealer tables have a higher lower bet. If you are a budget punter, as many Indians are, then you will appreciate the wider bet range of RNG baccarat.

The last advantage this software has is a larger number of variants. When you want to experiment with a game’s fundamentals, you do not want to spend too much. The most successful variants eventually get their live casino counterparts, which is true. However, the less popular versions will only be played against computers. Live dealer tables have closed this gap significantly in recent years, but it still exists.

Advantages of Live Dealer Baccarat

Live casinos use their immersion as an incredibly successful weapon. The presence of an actual person in front of you cannot be underestimated. A great host will keep you laughing and entertained during downtime. The success of novelty live casino games shows that punters do not mind less than optimal releases if they are fun. The same rings true for live dealer baccarat: a good dealer makes it ten times as exciting!

Live Dealer Speed Baccarat

We explain the differences between RNG and Live Baccarat. Take your pick.

Depending on how chatty you are, you may also enjoy the presence of other punters. Live chat is quite standard. While you use it to communicate with the dealer, players often talk among themselves, too. Some software providers will also tell you what moves your fellow punters are making. This can solve an issue new players have. If you are uncertain what to play, you can always look at what others are betting on.

Making Your Choice

No matter which of these two games you decide to play, the fundamentals of baccarat do not change. If you like the title, we firmly believe you will enjoy both its online and live casino versions. The differences lie in the minor details and mostly come down to what is most important to you.

Budget players will usually opt for RNG-powered baccarat tables. With a bit of searching, you can probably find a table that accepts small rupee wagers. However, this will not happen for live casino baccarat. Not unless the cost of employing people and streaming video drastically decrease!

On the other hand, if you value immersion, then live dealer baccarat is definitely the way to go. You cannot beat the experience of a real person dealing the cards. A great dealer can often keep you invested through conversation and jokes. They certainly made us stay that little bit longer because we were having such a good time.

Which one you choose is not something the team can decide. Look at their advantages, try both out, and see which one suits you best.