Martingale Roulette Strategy: Risky Yet Highly Rewarding

Over the years, roulette strategies have exploded in popularity. The crowd is always looking for a way to get an edge in any casino game. Every now and then, we see people claiming that one system or another is guaranteed to work. Allow us to clarify right now. No roulette strategy can alter the house edge and your own luck.

Instead, roulette betting strategies rely on chaining trends together to achieve better results. They advise you to structure your wagers in a specific manner to exploit winning or losing streaks. These strategies are called roulette progression betting systems. They are played in a very specific manner, so they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Many strategies and ideas have come up over the years. Today, we will be covering one of the oldest and well known! Join us as we check out the Martingale roulette strategy. Are you willing to take the risk for a fantastic reward?

The Basics

People have independently come up with the idea behind Martingale’s system plenty of times. That is because it immediately clicks when you think about it. You play whatever wager you like. If you lose, you double your bet. That way, winning again means you make up all the money you lost in the previous round. It is simple, easy to follow, and does not require a complicated chart like blackjack might.

Thinking about it some more reveals the risk factor. Having one or two loss that you eventually gain back is not that scary. The issue arises when you play with Martingale in the long term. Eventually, you will come across a losing streak. When that happens, the amount of money you lose will quickly skyrocket. In bad cases, you may end up hitting the betting limit for that particular table.

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Is Martingale really one of the best Roulette strategies out there?

Complications with Martingale

Martingale’s system is played using bets like red/black, odd/even and low/high. These are bets that pay even money when won. The betting strategy treats these as if you have 50-50 odds of winning. That way, you should have an equal amount of wins and losses in the long term.

However, such a thought process misses an obvious complication: the zero! There is one green zero in European roulette, and two in American roulette. These zeroes do not count towards any of the even-money wagers. Their presence is purely to establish a house edge. When you wager on red numbers, you do not have a 50% chance of winning. Instead, it works out to 48.6% in European roulette.

Should I play Martingale?

As we mentioned in the title, this is an incredibly risky system. This is true for all negative progression betting systems, to a degree. Some, like the D’Alembert, take steps to minimize the losses. However, they all fundamentally fall in the same trap. At some point, the house edge catches up to all these betting strategies.

Interestingly enough, Martingale’s system does result in short-term gain. While you lose money in the end, you can try it if you are feeling lucky. This can allow you to score some fantastic prizes. As a result, we here at Indian Casino Club cannot support or dismiss this betting strategy. Whether or not you use it comes down to you!