How to Play Three Card Baccarat: Strategy and Tips

Baccarat is a simple game all around. It has a few complexities here and there, but nothing that makes it difficult. When compared to titles like poker or blackjack where you need to remember complex strategy charts, it is a breeze. Simple but fun gameplay makes it a frequent favourite of many punters. The fact it offers a great house edge on top of all that cements it as a must-play for card-game fans.

However, the title has been around for a while, and many of us want something new. Thankfully, there is an interesting title popular in India that can help with that. Three Card Baccarat has slowly but surely started making its way to online casinos. As such, we only felt it was right for us to jump in and highlight this release. We will teach you how to play, what bets to avoid, and if there is a functional strategy for this title.


Three Card Baccarat Basics

Three Card Baccarat is played using a single, fifty-two card deck. At the start of every round, three cards are drawn for the player and dealer positions. Choose one of the available coin values, and place them on the betting field. You can wager on three different bets. You can play the main bet, try to win a tie stake, or play the three faces side-bet. This is the only side bet available in the game currently.

After choosing your wager, the cards are dealt as mentioned above. Unlike standard baccarat, you are guaranteed to get three cards on each round. However, the way to determine who the winner is remains the same. The sum of all three cards are added together, and their last number is the hand total value. For example, if we get three tens, our sum total would be thirty, but the hand total value would be zero.

Hand value totals are then compared. The goal is to get as close to nine as possible. The side that comes closest after all cards are drawn will win the prize. In case the hand value total for both sides is equal, it will result in a tie. After a winner is determined, the next round starts, following the same rules. All number cards grant their face value as points, while ten and face cards offer zero points.

Tips and Tricks

For the most part, our advice is to try to decrease the house edge while playing baccarat. Avoid playing tie bets, as they are simply not a good deal. They can offer some great rewards that might tempt you to try them. Tie bets can frequently pay 20:1 or 25:1. However, the odds of winning are miniscule. In the long-term, you will lose more money than you will gain from an occasional larger reward.

Read more about useful tips for playing Three Card Baccarat.

The three-face side bet shares the same issue. You would need three face cards to appear simultaneously, which is no small feat. You can get any combination of jack, queen or king, as long as there are three of them. This can result in impressive payouts. The highest we have seen was 95:1! However, the odds of this happening are incredibly low. As such, we advise staying clear of the side bet, too.


Does a Strategy for Three Card Baccarat Exist?

As much as the Indian Casino Club team loves devising and sharing strategies, we could not come up with one. This is due to how baccarat is played. It is a very simple title, where you only have a handful of wagers. Once you place that bet, you cannot affect the game any longer. The optimal wager is to play the main bet, cross your fingers, and hope you win.

While you could branch out into side bets, we are against this. The house edge is simply too high, and you would just lose money faster playing them. Playing just the main bet leaves you with a house edge of 2.41% if the game takes the standard 5% commission. We have seen titles that only take a 3% commission, which brings the house edge down to 1.44%.

Try this game out when you want something fun and relaxing. If you are hunting for something more complex, we suggest trying to master basic blackjack strategy!

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