Playtech Live Quantum Roulette: Tips & Strategies

Casino games are great fun, but you eventually get tired of them. Some players solve this by opting for a different title, then coming back to their old favourite. Others seek out variants of the original game they played. Playtech’s Quantum Roulette is definitely one of the best roulette variants out there. It maintains a low house edge and similar roulette gameplay. At the same time, it allows us to win up to 500x our total bet!

This is done through the magic of multipliers. On every spin, several numbers are selected and have their payouts boosted. If the winning number is boosted with a multiplier, it will award its new and improved prize. This simple system leaves little room for strategizing. However, there are four methods you can use to try and get better results. Each one with their own pros and cons.


Bet on All Numbers

This one seems like the best option at first glance. With just one zero on the wheel, you have thirty-seven positions total to bet on. If Playtech made no changes to payouts, it would not be too bad. However, the reward for winning a straight number bet has been dropped from 35:1 to 29:1. This is not an issue if said number gets a multiplier boost. However, you will end up losing a substantial amount of money when there are no multipliers to increase your reward.

As such, you should only play this strategy with a big balance. Early multipliers can let you walk away with a profit. Late multipliers can save you from complete loss, and can even deplete your budget. It also guarantees you get straight-up wins, and any multiplier wins when they appear. There are plenty of upsides to this strategy. That is, if you can afford it.

Bet on a Wheel Section

This is a much easier option for your budget. Rather than betting on all numbers, you are hoping the ball lands in a single section of the wheel. As such, the bet you need to make on every turn is much smaller. The downside is that you cover fewer numbers this way, lowering your chances to win. When a multiplier pops up, there is a chance you will miss it.

You should also keep in mind to make straight number bets at all times. Using the racetrack to bet on a section of the wheel can place split number bets. You want to avoid those bets, as they cannot benefit from multipliers. As such, either you will want to bet manually, or remove split bets in favour of straight-up number bets.

Multiplier as a Side Bet

The straight-up payout is the only one that has changed. All other bets and rewards are available in Playtech’s Quantum Roulette. As such, some players opt to play this game as usual and use the multipliers like a side bet. If you decide to go this route, we suggest using some popular roulette strategies to get an advantage elsewhere.

We go into detail on Playtech’s Live Quantum Roulette.

We quite like this strategy. If you win a multiplier, it feels like a nice bonus. If you do not, you are still benefitting from one of the other strategies you are using. It does not feel as frustrating as hoping for a multiplier that seemingly never appears. However, this strategy will not be appealing to everyone.


Get Random

Sometimes, the best strategy is no strategy at all. Ultimately, all three of our previous suggestions have holes in them. Treating multiplied wins as side bets effectively ignores the main appeal of Quantum Roulette. At the same time, bets on all numbers and bets on a wheel section have their own major disadvantages. Seeing as no strategy is perfect, you might decide to pick numbers at random.

Players can opt for birthdays, lucky numbers, unlucky numbers, or just randomly picking. There are no benefits or disadvantages this time around. Without a structure in place, you cannot gauge how effective this approach is. As a result, cannot really recommend this playstyle.

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