How to Play Real Baccarat with Courtney?

Microgaming is not the first name that comes to mind when you think of innovation. The software provider has been instrumental in bringing online casinos to life. However, they have spent the last couple of years napping on the job. Fortunately, the software provider seems ready to take on new challenges once more. Working together with Real Dealer Studios, they have launched their rival to live casino games.

Real Baccarat with Courtney 101

The software provider has already offered us something similar before. Real Baccarat with Sarati launched a little bit before this. This game offers much of the same. The gameplay is handled using pre-recorded clips of Courtney setting things up. A random number generator determines what cards are drawn and will be displayed. It does not feel quite as organic as the live dealer variant.

However, it does come with its own distinct advantages. For starters, the timer is no longer present. As you are the only player in this release, you can take your time with each wager. It trades the interactivity of live casinos for convenience. We actually like this approach by Microgaming. Rather than trying to compete in a crowded market, they are making something similar but new.

How to Play Real Baccarat with Courtney?

The odd blend of real-world video and RNG gameplay can feel odd at first. However, you will quickly get used to it. Especially since the game does not change anything as far as the rules go. If you have played a round of baccarat before this, you will know exactly what to expect.

You can bet on player, banker or tie bets. Banker bets are more likely to win, but their results are reduced due to a 5% commission. That means they pay 0.95:1 when won. Despite this, banker bets still have the highest RTP, which sits at 98.94%. Player bets lag slightly behind in how likely they are to win. However, their payout is 1:1, meaning you get full value out of it.

Real Baccarat with Courtney gameplay

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Finally, we have tie bets. These only pay when both hands show the exact same card count. As such, it appears far less frequently than the other two. It pays 8:1 when won. The game has eight decks in total, which are reshuffled after the end of the round. This prevents us from using card counting to get an edge in this baccarat game.

What About Side Bets?

We were hoping to see some additions to the side bets after Real Baccarat with Sarati. However, Microgaming is content with just giving players the pairs bet to work with. You can bet on the player or banker pairs side bet. Both work exactly the same way. They just apply to opposite sides!

Winning the pairs side bet is simple. The first two cards drawn for the player or banker must have the same number. Unlike other releases, Real Baccarat with Courtney does not care about colours or suits. It only checks if the two cards form a pair. If they do, they will receive an 11:1 reward. The largest payout possible on this table.

Worth Playing?

Absolutely. This game is definitely among the more unique titles we have reviewed at Gameplay will be familiar to any existing baccarat fans. However, the high-quality recordings help you imagine you are really playing at a private table with Courtney. It is not quite at the level where it can rival live dealer games just yet. None the less, we cannot wait to see what Microgaming does next with this concept!