Microgaming Real Baccarat with Sarati Guide

Celebrities are a big deal back in the real world. However, players tend to focus on casinos and software providers more than they do on people when it comes to playing online. That does not mean there are no influential names out there. One of those names is Sarati; a well-known casino host and actress. Now, she will be entertaining countless of Microgaming baccarat fans in Real Baccarat with Sarati.

What Makes Real Baccarat with Sarati Different?

At first glance, this might seem like a live casino title. It would certainly be an exciting announcement, given the interest shown for Microgaming’s December slots! However, this is not the team delving into a new genre. Instead, Real Baccarat with Sarati is an RNG-powered game. However, rather than using drawn cards and animations, this title uses short clips of Sarati shuffling and drawing cards.

It takes some getting used to. However, the developers have done a great job of creating something interesting and innovative here. It is not as interactive as having a real-world dealer that you chat with. However, this game gives you a similar experience without compromising in other areas. You are no longer pressed for time when placing your bets, for example, as there is no bet timer.

How to Play Real Baccarat with Sarati

There are no major rule changes to what we are used to seeing. Sarati is the only notable change compared to the standard baccarat formula. As such, you can consult our how to play baccarat guide if you want a detailed look into the game.

As expected, banker bets are subject to a 5% commission fee. This means any wins made using banker wagers will be 0.95:1 instead of the standard 1:1 reward. It also remains the best bet to play, with an RTP of 98.94%. Eight decks are used and are reshuffled after every round. Remember, this table uses a random number generator. All the decks are virtual, meaning reshuffling happens in a few seconds.

Baccarat with Sarati gameplay

Learn more about a unique Baccarat variant.

The reward for winning the player bet is 1:1, and the tie bet grants an 8:1 payout. Despite the impressive reward, we would avoid the tie bet. The odds of winning it are much lower than the prize you could get. Besides, there are two side bets that can play a similar role. They can offer an even better payout, at a somewhat lower risk.

Available Side Bets

Few side bets are as ever-present as pairs are. They have played a part in almost every card game reviewed at Indian Casino Club! They make an appearance in Real Baccarat with Sarati, as well. Two pairs side bets are available to play, and both of them function identically. However, one will only grant its reward if won by the banker hand, and the other by the player hand.

To win the side bets, you just need the first two drawn cards to be a pair. The game does not check if the colour or suits of the pair match. The only thing that matters is that the numbers are identical. If this happens, you receive an 11:1 reward. It is the best reward you can get from this game.

Should You Play It?

If you like baccarat, there is really no reason not to try this title out. It offers an interesting mix between live casino visuals and the unique advantages RNG-powered tables offer. Paired with Sarati, one of the most wanted dealers in the industry? It makes for an experience we will not soon forget. Microgaming have done a great job with this title, so recommending it wholeheartedly is quite easy to do. Great work!