How to Know If an Online Casino is Safe?

Online casinos have come a long way from their initial inception. They enjoy an audience in the millions, and that number grows with every passing day. With the rise of mobile casinos and software getting better, players can jump in and play easier than ever before! An important part of people becoming more interested in playing online also has to do with security!

As more potential players get smartphones and join the online world each day, safety is paramount for operators. This is why they invest so much effort into making their websites as secure as possible! Even so, players need to be on the lookout to make sure their chosen casino is a secure place to play. Follow these steps, and you will be able to find a great place to play.


For players, one of the most important details for any online casino is if it has a license. Regulators are jurisdictions that represent countries, so they can throw their weight around! They impose strict rules and regular checks on operators, which they have to comply with in order to access that market. If an online casino does not have a license, you should avoid it.

Even then, not all licenses are created equal. The Malta Gaming Authority and United Kingdom Gambling Commission are known among punters as being strict regulators. This makes online casinos under their jurisdiction a very safe place to play. You can usually find where an operator is licensed by checking their About Us, Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy pages.

Terms and Conditions

This page is one you should at least skim through before registering. It is usually full of important information you need to know. It defines how you should play promotions, what your deposit and withdrawal limits are, and how your data is processed by the casino. Some online casinos have a separate Privacy Policy page for the sake of transparency.

Either way, the information set in those pages is something you should look into. It can save you some time by revealing that players from India are not accepted, or that we cannot access bonuses. It also tells us how our information is processed. If you find something that that does not suit your sensibilities, you might opt for a different online casino.

Software Safety

Another aspect of security you should keep watch on is whether the operator offers games audited by third parties. Websites will usually link to tests by eCOGRA or TST Labs that confirm their software is safe and fair. Some regulators force casinos to take these tests. Other websites do them independently, as a way to show players their casino is safe to play in.

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You should also keep watch on whether the casino uses SSL or TLS certificates. These serve as a way to protect information sent to and from the operator’s servers. This is very important to have, as it heavily decreases the risk of your payment information being intercepted. This is digital encryption you can check from within your browser. If a keypad appears next to the URL, the link is safe.

Payment Methods

Online gambling is an increasingly global trend. That means new payment methods are supported by operators all the time. Keeping track of each one can be exhausting. As such, we recommend sticking to a few tried and true payment methods when depositing and withdrawing money.

New options may be added and incentivised by the casino, but we do not recommend using them before doing a check. Trusted payment methods are usually used in multiple casinos, and you can find articles written about it. If something looks shady, err on the side of caution and avoid it.

Personal Security

Finally, we come to the way you can keep yourself safe. Not just when playing at an online casino, but in general. Many times, illegally downloaded software like cracked games and programs can install keyloggers. These will keep track of everything you type, including your passwords!

As such, we at Indian Casino Club recommend having a good anti-virus installed. If you use your phone to gamble, you should avoid doing any jailbreaks or rooted devices. Players should also look into enabling two-factor authentication if it is available. It adds an extra step to log into your casino to start playing, but the hassle is worth the security.