Online Gambling on the Go – Mobile Casinos India

Did you know that 52.2% of all worldwide website traffic came from mobile phones? We can tell you from personal experience most players access using mobile devices! As phones have become mini-computers we can carry anywhere, the number of people who actively use the internet has skyrocketed!

Online gambling is not exempt from this rule, either. The number of players exclusively using their phones and tablets will only increase as time goes on. As such, it’s no surprise that casinos have already embraced the change with massive mobile-friendly website overhauls! If you’ve ever wanted to just lean back and control everything with one finger, mobile casinos are a perfect choice.

What Are Mobile Casinos?

There’s no earth-shattering revelation to be found here. Mobile casinos work in the exact same way existing online operators do. The only advantage is that you’re not bound to a PC or a laptop to play. Instead, you can play on the go while you’re waiting in a bus or a train. The only requirements to play mobile casinos is a decently recent phone, and an internet connection.

Because of this, mobile operators offer a much more enticing offer than their desktop-based counterparts. After all, people are much easier to persuade when they can spin a few slot rounds without any hassle. Lots of casinos we recommend already support phones and tablets, so you have no excuse not to check them out!

How to Access?

While mobile casinos used to be a niche product, they have grown massively in recent years. As a result, the barrier to entry is the lowest it has ever been. Most operators don’t require gamblers to download any additional software or jump through hoops. If you have access to their website and can log in, you’re able to play immediately.

No need to worry about horror stories where you’re forced to fiddle with your settings so you can install a shady app. As a web-based instant play option has beaten apps, most mobile casinos don’t offer their own software. Even then, for iOS, you can usually download the casino app via the App Store. Android is the only platform that still struggles with unsafe app downloads, and even that’s a rare occurrence.

Playing slots on mobile

Things you need to pay attention to while playing casino games on your mobile.

Instant Play vs App

Speaking of Instant Play and App-based casinos, is there any major difference between the two? Honestly, not that many. Mobile operators that still offer apps are usually older websites, which had to rely on apps to provide a good experience. As technology and mobile browsers improved, the need for this has mostly disappeared. As such, most casinos will offer Instant Play, as it’s the more convenient option.

Having said that, app-based mobile operators can offer a slight advantage in game availability. This isn’t always the case, mind you. But some casinos have offered support for certain titles in their app that you cannot get from Instant Play. Usually, this is nothing more than a gimmick to get you to download the app. But it’s hardly a worry for more casual players.

Game Selection

Not all games are available on mobile, due to Apple and Google cracking down on Adobe’s Flash Player. Flash used to be the way most online games and slots used to run back in the day. But as great as its functionality was, it was well known to be less than safe. Modern browsers on your computer will block it outright! But while you can enable Flash on your laptop or PC, you cannot do so on mobile.

iOS and Android have broken support for Flash Player completely relatively early in their lifecycle. And while it hasn’t negatively impacted either system, it does mean some fan-favourite games aren’t available on mobile.

The only way around this issue is to remake a slot outright in HTML5, which runs smoothly on all platforms. If you want to know whether your favourite release is available on mobile, we list this information in our casino game review section.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile gambling wasn’t without its growing pains. But it has come a long way in the decade that’s it’s been a part of the online punting culture. So if you’ve been on the fence to give your favourite casino a spin using your phone, we suggest trying it out. You’ll be surprised how smooth and seamless it is!