How is Technology Changing Online Casinos?

Nothing on the internet is ever static. Things are constantly changing as new technologies are introduced. Most of the times, it is for the better. Sometimes, it is for the worse. (We’re looking at you, Facebook home page). Fortunately, the iGaming sector has only improved with improvements in technology. Join us as we explore how technology changed online casinos over the years.

Rise of the Smartphones

The biggest change was not exclusive to the iGaming market, but to the internet as a whole. Smartphones exploded in popularity, and fundamentally changed how we approach Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations. Websites were primarily designed to look good on touch screens, for example.

Hardware as a whole has become more popular all-around. The phones we have in our pockets are often more powerful than premium computers from a decade ago. The extra power has allowed software providers to create better-looking games. Animations in RNG-powered games have become more common. Having a constant internet connection through your phone has also made online casinos more accessible.

Smartphone gaming has culminated with the rise of mobile casinos. You do not need to download an app or take any extra steps. You just register on the website, and you are ready to start playing. As more punters play using phones and tablets, operators have also started requiring phone numbers instead of e-mail addresses.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an impressive piece of technology. It has grown slowly but surely over the years, and is seeing increased support. It is easy to see how VR tech could drastically improve online casino. Live dealer games have become incredibly popular because they recreate the feeling of playing in an actual casino. Virtual reality could be the next step towards immersing players even further into that experience.

The full impact of VR on the iGaming scene is not yet obvious. However, we can already see big names positioning to take advantage of this new technology. NetEnt has been teasing Gonzo’s Quest in VR for a while. We also discussed Slotsmillion launching a VR casino and how they made it work. This will be a game-changing technology when it is ready. Although, exactly when that will be is not yet clear.


An increasingly online world has raised all kinds of possibilities. It led a group of very ambitious people to imagine a currency not tied to any government. Decentralised money based in the cloud has been a popular dream. That is until the launch of Bitcoin made it into a reality. The world was undeniably changed from that day forward. Anyone who has Bitcoin can tell you as much!

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Regular people were not the only ones seeing the meteoric success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Governments and companies took note; as did the iGaming industry. Casinos quickly sprung up that allowed you to deposit and withdraw purely with cryptocurrencies. The success of crypto casinos led to more established websites also accepting crypto payments.

Improved Security

Encryption and security are becoming an increasing concern as we spend more of our time online. Websites that do not take security seriously could find themselves leaking customer data, including payment information! As such, major strides have been taken to improve encryption and other security tools all across the web.

This has affected online casinos in particular. Protecting your payment details is paramount for operators if they hope to keep their audience. We have also seen increased steps to prevent phishing from being effective. 2FA logins are commonplace if you provide your phone number. Casinos have also put stricter demands on your password requirements (one number, one uppercase letter, etc.)

Social Media

Bragging about a big win is a time-honoured tradition between casino enthusiasts. However, social media has fundamentally changed how we approach these things. Big wins can be shared far and wide in a matter of hours. Social media is also a great tool to keep up with what your favourite developer is working on next.

Perhaps the biggest impact social media has had on iGaming are casino streamers. These players entertain their audience while playing slots or other casino games., one of the world’s biggest streaming websites, has a separate category for slot players. A category that frequently beats many other, popular games!