Common Myths About Online Casinos: The Truth Revealed

Suspicions around online casinos are not new. They have been around for a while as part of a general distrust about online payments. Thankfully, the rise of smartphones has helped alleviate some of those concerns. Not all of them though. Many myths regarding online casinos remain widespread among us. In this article, we will tackle a few of them to try to dispel some incorrect misconceptions.

You Can’t Win in Online Casinos

This is one of the more widespread myths out there, and comes in two flavours. The first one comes from a general distrust of online casinos. You are sending money to an operator you have no physical contact with. As such, a bit of healthy caution is well advised.

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure you are not victim to scam sites. We cover this in our how to pick the best online casino guide. To keep things short, you will want to look for licensed casinos. India does not have its own regulators, as the status of online casinos is in a weird legal limbo. However, websites regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority are usually a safe pick.

The second flavour of not being able to win in online casinos comes from RTP. Critics will point out that all casino games have a house edge. That means in the long-term, the operator will always come out ahead. If we stopped there, that would be true.

However, it discounts the key element of gambling: luck. Legitimate online casinos will still grant you a payout if you are lucky enough to win big. This is the appeal of gambling. That said, we would not rely on online casinos as a career choice.

Bonuses cannot be Beat

Players will often complain about online casino bonuses you cannot beat. They claim operators place ludicrous requirements on promotions in an effort to make it impossible to beat them. Even when you do, they will pull out a rule that negates your efforts to win.

You can find similar claims all over the internet, which is not surprising. Online casinos have cracked down with increasingly harsher requirements to combat bonus exploiters. That said, good promotions can still be found when playing with licensed casinos.

Any other complaints can usually be solved by paying attention to the bonus terms and conditions. These are rules you agree to play with when you first accept the promotion. Wagering requirements, time limits and restricted games can all be found there. Make sure to read the whole thing carefully. It may be boring, but it will save you a headache later down the line.

Online Casinos are more Addictive

This is another claim frequently shared in the world of Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations. The argument goes like this. A real casino requires you to go there in person and you have to convert actual money into coins. The real world element keeps you grounded. Much more different from playing online where your losses are just numbers on a screen.

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Playing online is convenient because you can access your favourite game whenever you want. However, that does not make it more addictive by itself. It just makes it more accessible for gamers. Online casinos are well aware of this. That is why responsible gambling regulation applies to every licensed operator on the market.

Websites cannot just take your money and move on. They have to provide tools that can limit how much money you can deposit. In fact, if you request that an online casino block you from playing, they have to comply. This also applies to you making new accounts. Because players have to verify their identity with online casinos, any new account you make will quickly be blocked.

Online Casinos Produce More Underage Players

This one is not true for the same reason we mentioned before. Licensed online casinos have to implement a set of responsible gambling rules. One of these is know your customer. Operators have to verify who you are before you can withdraw any funds. One of those things includes your age.

Obviously, this will prevent any underage players from playing for long. It is just one of the advantages of KYC, including the prevention of money laundering and fraud. Rest assured, all the information the casino has stored is kept secure to prevent hacks or identity fraud.