How to Pick the Best Online Casino India?

It’s a dilemma many new players go through. Among this massive list of casinos, how do I find one that suits me best? Will they have all the slots I enjoy, and will they try to scam me out of my winnings? They’re natural worries, but ones that you don’t have to worry about. Because your local resident experts in all things Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations are here to help!

With this article, we hope to walk you through the most important things to look out for. After all, choosing your casino will be the defining factor in how much you’ll enjoy yourself. Some extra effort now saves you the headache of trying to reclaim your funds from a fraudulent casino.


India is a massive country and a nation with an ever-increasing middle class. It’s a huge, untapped market, and it’s only in recent years that India started drawing attention to itself. Due to our local laws and gambling, there are no online casinos being run from within India. But there are a growing number of websites which recognize the importance of the Indian market and advertise themselves as India friendly.

Of course, to what level these operators support Indian punters tends to vary. A lot of casinos will accept registrations from India, and call it a day. Others will go an extra mile, like adding support for rupees. Not having to constantly shoulder the cost of currency conversion is a big plus for any website hoping to attract an Indian audience.

Terms & Conditions

We cannot stress how important this step is. Yes, it’s very boring to go through the entire text and pick it apart for flaws. But if you choose to ignore this step, you may find a not-so-pleasant surprise waiting for you in the future. Even if you choose to read the terms, you will find operators sometimes make them more difficult to understand. This is usually done by using weird sentence structure and uncommon words.

Rest assured, we keep an eye out for these things when we do our online casino reviews. We do our best to keep the information in those reviews as up to date as it possibly can be. But sometimes, operators will slip by new rules and we won’t notice. Even if it’s our recommendation, we still advise you to double-check everything. Better safe than sorry!

Top casinos for players from India

Things you need to consider while choosing the best online casino.


Ultimately, the casino’s terms and conditions are only words on a webpage. You need someone to ensure the website follows what’s written there. And that’s where gambling regulators enter the picture. We here in India don’t have our own regulators. However, our players are still protected by rules set up by regulators of other countries. If the operator is trying to pull a fast one, you can report them to their license holder.

This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful. The casino can still win on a technicality in their rules, which is why reading the terms is the most important step. When picking a website, we recommend ones which are licensed by Malta’s Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Their strict rules quickly weed out online casinos operating in bad faith.


If you play online, you can sign up and play almost anywhere. This means your chosen website is competing with every other online casino out there! It stacks the advantage heavily in favour of the punter. Because of that, websites will offer all kinds of promotions and bonuses to attract and keep players. If you’re looking for a place to play, find one that offers excellent promotions.

Game Choice

A casino can tick all the other checkboxes, but still be completely uninteresting. After all, punters need something to play if they’re going to sign-up. Nobody wants to play on a website with 200 games when they can sign up with an online casino which offers over a thousand. So before you give a casino your private information, see what kind of releases they offer, and how many there are.

Mind you, this generally applies for fans of slots and video poker. If your key enjoyment is table games and live dealer releases, it’s not as important. Certainly, more variants of your favourite games are always nice, but they won’t be a deal-breaker. Still, if you already have to sign-up somewhere, you might as well go with the casino which has more games. You never know when the desire to play something else will arise.