Best Playtech Live Dealer Games for Indian Players

Playtech is one of the few developers that successfully matched Evolution Gaming’s incredible growth. The team is equally responsible for innovative live casino titles and other interesting titles making their way online. They have a diverse library of different games that Indian players have enjoyed for a while. Perhaps the most famous is their Age of the Gods progressive jackpot series.

However, we want to focus on their live casino library in this article. Unfortunately, Playtech live dealer games remain criminally underrated for many punters, as they can be difficult to find. However, they have quite a few fun releases that are well worth your time and money. We will highlight a few of these titles, and explore what makes them so fun to play.

Hindi Language Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games of all times. While many software providers have their own versions, none were able to change the fundamentals of this title. It is simple enough that anyone can learn, but it does not offer a direct path to mastering it. It finely rides the line between a game of luck and a game of skill. As such, it appeals to a very wide audience that keeps coming back to this release.

Now, roulette tables being in specific languages is nothing new. However, Playtech has recently announced they will be offering a roulette table played in Hindi! This goes to highlight the growing amount of players from India in online casinos. Combined with Ezugi recently launching an Indian themed studio, it shows increasing interest for this region. It is one of the best titles to play if you prefer Hindi to English.

Ultimate Blackjack

Unlike many other casino games, blackjack was not massively popular right from the start. It would take a lot of time and effort made by mathematicians to reveal how amazing this title is. Only then would it become a must-have table for any casino; whether offline or online. Playtech decided to spruce up their live casino library with the addition of Ultimate Blackjack.

For starters, this blackjack does not limit you to a set number of people per table. Instead, all players start with the same cards but can choose to play them differently. This allows for an unlimited number of players at the same time! The game automatically splits some hands following the basic blackjack strategy. It also gives you an option to fold your hand to regain 80% of your initial bet.

Baccarat Squeeze

When you are playing for big amounts of money, superstitions are easy to form. A very widespread one for baccarat is that squeezing the cards before revealing them brings you good luck. This was something you frequently saw in baccarat tables across the globe. It is apparently so widespread, that software providers decided to use it as a marketing feature to sell their games!

Baccarat Squeeze gameplay

We present the best Playtech live dealer games.

Playtech’s Baccarat Squeeze the dealer slowly squeezing and revealing the cards in front of the camera. This simulates the effect and allows superstitious punters to try their luck. The developers also benefit, since it leads to more dramatic and drawn-out rounds. It makes no changes to their standard baccarat tables, so you will know exactly what to expect when playing here.

Quantum Blackjack

One of the quickest ways to set your game apart from its competition is to add multipliers to the mix. It appeals to fans of slots and players who enjoy hunting for big wins while keeping the strategic gameplay of blackjack. The end result is a unique experience we have yet to enjoy anywhere else but Playtech.

Quantum Blackjack draws up to three cards and assigns them random multipliers, which can be either 3x, 5x or 10x. The selected cards are random. If this multiplied card then goes on to be part of a winning combination, the reward will be increased accordingly. As a result, punters could take home a prize worth up to 1000x your total stake. Rather impressive for a blackjack title!

Verdict on Playtech Live Casino

Playtech has designed other fun titles, like live slots and Quantum roulette that offer novel, unique experiences. Combined with their standard live dealer library, the team make for a worthy rival to the best live casino developers. Playtech has proven repeatedly to the Indian Casino Club team they have what it takes. If you are on the fence about playing their games, we suggest you go for it!