Progressive vs Non-Progressive Jackpot Slots

Slots come in many shapes and sizes. The sheer variety on offer can make it difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. Numerous special features, different reel setups and payline systems all play a role in this. While they make this game type incredibly diverse and fun, they can make finding what you want a nightmare. As a result, we usually recommend punters focus on one or two important things when searching.

One of the biggest distinction among different releases is whether they offer a progressive jackpot or not. For players who enjoy hunting massive payouts, progressive jackpot slots are usually a must-play. What are these games like? How do progressive jackpots work? Finally, which option is the right one for you? We answer all these questions and more in this article.

Progressive Jackpots 101

Progressive jackpots are cash jackpots that are not limited to a set number. Most releases have a fixed jackpot, where a maximum win is known ahead of time. With progressive jackpots, that top payout is constantly increasing with every wager players place while spinning the reels. Once won, a progressive jackpot resets to its starting value and starts building again. The cash prize will keep growing until it is won again.

In recent years, we have seen some adjustments to the progressive jackpot formula. Many developers have introduced time and cash sensitive progressive jackpots in their slots. These progressive jackpots do not grow infinitely until won. Some titles also share their progressive jackpot between several titles in a series. This allows them to grow to incredible numbers very quickly while giving punters options on what to play.

Time-sensitive payouts are guaranteed to reward players before the end of the day or week. Meanwhile, cash-sensitive jackpots pay as a progressive jackpot approaches a certain number. While not as popular as standard progressive jackpots, always likes extra options.

Non-Progressive Jackpots

For most players, you have enjoyed non-progressive jackpot games for a while. Here, players have a set value for the top prize, and this does not change. The simplest version of this is landing a five-of-a-kind symbol, which then grants a massive prize. Nowadays, most releases opt for granting their top prize through special features instead. This can make it difficult to determine the jackpot.

Which One Should You Play?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Progressive jackpots are great for people who want to get one massive life-changing win. However, it is not for the faint of heart. Every so often, we see huge headlines about a casino member winning a massive amount of money. However, such articles rarely discuss how long it might have taken them to get to that point.

Mega Fortune bonus round

Check out the pros and cons of progressive and non-progressive slots

If you do not want to bother with something like that, non-progressive slots are definitely the better option. Plenty of high volatility games out there can offer some massive winning combinations through special features or raw fixed jackpots. At the same time, non-progressive releases offer lower volatilities if you prefer smaller, more frequent wins.

That said, the recent addition of time and cash sensitive progressive jackpots does resolve a few of their issues. Opting for these titles allows you to enjoy the thrill of participating in a progressive jackpot slot without exhausting grinds. We suggest experimenting with both types and seeing what suits you best.

Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

When it comes to progressive jackpot games, few developers can match Microgaming’s Mega Moolah releases. The original title has defined the expectations for progressive jackpots. Recently, the developer and their partnered studios have been hard at work creating new slots. This gives players more options on what to play while contributing to the wider progressive jackpot.

Another excellent series of progressive jackpot slots is the Age of the Gods series. This Playtech series originally used the theme of Marvel superheroes, but ended up swapping after Disney acquired them. Most players agree that the best one in the series is God of Storms, which offers a mix of fun and simple.

The final progressive jackpot slot we want to highlight is Frankie Dettori’s Sporting Legends. It offers not one, but three different jackpots! We have a standard progressive jackpot, which are not limited. At the same time, we also have a daily and weekly jackpot, which have to be won by a certain time.