Best Low Stakes Live Casino Games for Indian Players

It used to be that gambling was seen as a rich man’s pursuit. With the rise of online casinos, however, costs dramatically decreased. Now, with a push of a button, you can play any slot or casino game that you like! Websites do not have to pay employees or rent a location, allowing them to lower costs significantly. That is until live casino games came along.

Unlike their RNG counterparts, live casino games cannot ignore these factors. You need a real-life dealer to keep the table’s mood high. You need to provide a high-quality video stream and tables on which these releases will be played. All of these things cost a lot more money than standard online games.

However, technology marches on, and software providers are crafty. That means you can enjoy all of these games, even if you have a limited budget! Although that does raise an important question. What low stakes live casino games are the best for Indian players?

Live Blackjack

We have tried and played many casino games. Nevertheless, only one of them is something we could play for hours without stopping: blackjack! It is a title that offers an incredibly low house edge if you play the correct strategy. You may not win millions like you can with progressive slots, but you can have hours of fun on a budget!

It is that strategic element of blackjack that makes it perfect for low stakes play. Every game has an element of luck. That much is unavoidable. However, only blackjack can give you the ability to control your play throughout the entire round! The game is played against the dealer, whose actions are clearly defined by the rules. This allows punters to create detailed strategies that guarantee success!

NetEnt Live Blackjack

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Live Poker

Now, when we say poker, you usually imagine a table full of people. Everyone watching each other like a hawk, trying to figure out what cards the other person has. Trying to decide if that big increase is actual confidence or a bluff to mask a weak hand. This is the best version of poker to play, but not the one we are discussing today.

The games we are discussing are played on a shared table, where everyone is playing against the dealer. This takes other players out of the element, which does make poker duller. That said, it does come with a distinct advantage. Like with blackjack, the dealer will always make the same moves, since the rules force that on them. If you are familiar with poker, you can usually predict their next move. Not to the same extent as blackjack, but far better than letting Lady Luck decide everything on her own!

Live Roulette

Our previous two picks give you some element of control. With roulette, you do not have any control over how the round progresses. Once you place a bet, there is no way to influence the results. Low stakes players will have to get creative, as a result.

For us, the best way to approach live roulette is to use a positive progression betting system. After every win, you increase your wager. What system you ultimately go for depends on your preferences. How risky would you like to play?

Regardless of your decision, the positive progression allows you to decide how much you bet per round. Since we are playing for low stakes, we cannot afford to increase our bet after every spin. That quickly becomes prohibitively expensive! Set yourself a goal within your budget, and get spinning!

Live Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is a guilty pleasure many of us enjoy. Unlike the previous three titles, there is little in the way of a strategy you can use here. Baccarat is a fast-paced game, and you can only bet on the outcome.

The advice we at can give you is rather simple. Play the original version of the game, and keep an eye out for winning streaks. If you see several wins for either the banker or the player, jump in on the train while it lasts! Otherwise, you should default to banker bets, as they have a higher chance of winning.

Banker bets do come with an obvious downside: a 5% commission that has to be paid for every win. That said, it is a minor charge that is well worth the increased chance of winning.