Auto Roulette: How to Play & Best Games

Live casino games are often played with a real person in front of the camera. They usually serve the role of dealers, operating the cards while interacting with players. In case of titles like live dealer game shows, they also serve as a host. Here, their primary goal is to talk with the audience and keep them engaged as the action happens. It remains one of the big selling points for live casinos.

Recently, we have seen a new type of game appear. Auto roulette uses the same layout as its live dealer cousins, with one big difference. Rather than having a dealer present, all the action is handled by the wheel itself! Wheels come equipped with mechanical systems, which handle wheel spins and ball launches. If a live dealer is there, they play the role of a host.

How to Play Auto Roulette?

Barring existing variants like American and European roulette, all auto roulette games play the same. Players have a brief period during which they can place wagers. If you are familiar with live roulette games, you will know what sort of bets you can expect. All stakes present on the betting board when the timer runs out will be played.

After bets are placed, the wheel will spin automatically. A ball is launched and will land in one of the available pockets on the roulette wheel. If the ball lands on a number that suits your wager, you win that particular round! From there, you can easily re-bet your initial stake. Despite the lack of dealer, auto roulette releases play identically to their other live casino counterparts.

Instant Roulette

You might ask yourself why auto roulette is even a thing. After all, we want to have a dealer in front of us! It adds to the immersion! However, there are times when this unique type of online roulette shines through. One such example is Instant Roulette, which removes one of the biggest flaws of live dealer titles. The fact betting times are limited and you have to wait for timers!

how auto roulette live speed works

Auto Roulette Live Speed grants the fast-paced gameplay.

Instant Roulette solves this by having not one but twelve wheels with a European roulette layout. You have an unlimited time to set and adjust your bets as you see fit. Once you are ready to go, you simply press the Play Now button! During that time, the twelve wheels are constantly spinning. As one stops to reveal a winning number, another is just starting to spin.

This means a wheel is always ready to display the result, no matter what happens! As a result, this game truly lives up to its promise of instant roulette! Hats off to Evolution Gaming. They saw a problem, and created a fantastic solution to fix it!

Slingshot Auto Roulette

For a more traditional auto roulette title, you can also try Slingshot Auto Roulette. By all accounts, it is incredibly similar to existing European roulette tables. However, it comes with a small advantage that adds up over time. It allows for lower limit bets, perfect for players with a limited budget!

Without a dealer to slow things down, the rounds proceed smoothly one after another. Furthermore, it runs for 24 hours a day without stopping. There are no breaks for dealers to swap, nor concerns the host is messing up ball throws. Slingshot Auto Roulette uses two jets of air on the wheel to launch the ball.

Authentic Gaming’s Auto Roulette

Punters who want more auto roulette options will no doubt enjoy Authentic Gaming’s releases. In fact, they are hands down the favourites of most of us at!

However, that is not why we love their auto roulette solution. We like it because of the wide range of options it gives us! It has two classic and two speed roulette wheels. Classic variants offer the same gameplay as we have seen in other auto roulettes. Classic 1 is slightly faster with a betting time of 25 seconds and a 63-second game round. Classic 2 is slower by 5 seconds, making it more casual friendly.

The two speed variants work following the same scheme. Speed 1 auto roulette is the fastest table, with an 18-second betting time and 55-second game round. Speed 2, like Classic 2, is slower by 5 seconds.