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King of Slots Slot Review

You know, it takes a certain boldness to proclaim you’re the King of Slots. We’re sure there’s many others who would claim that title, too. But it seems nobody’s willing to contest our blonde monarch, despite his dubious claim. Is it that his game is just that good? Or is it the fact his cold, blue eyes promise to murder you in your sleep if you disagree? NetEnt’s artists have, unfortunately, fallen for the uncanny valley trap once again.

There’s a somewhat generic, but upbeat tune playing while you spin the reels. King of Slots’ RTP is 96.96%, almost a whole percentage point above the current average! Both the RTP and the special features will be quite familiar to long-term NetEnt fans. Sticky wins and free spins with a 3x multiplier, complete with a 3000x jackpot? Yes, dear readers, his royal highness is actually Jack Hammer in disguise.

While the design of the game is simplistic, it does still look nice. The background gives an impression of this massive castle built for giants. The symbol designs are painfully overused, but we dare not criticise them. Not while the demon stares us down with his wicked smile, unblinking and unmoving. We liked the gameplay, but it was just a clone of a previous NetEnt release.

Here’s the Facts

King of Slots is a low variance game. Despite that, it has a sizeable jackpot, which just goes to show how amazing the bonuses are. Free spins are somewhat rare, but sticky wins will be occurring every second or third turn. Despite all the frequent wins, you might still end up losing money. At least, until you win big during free spins!

You can set your coins between ₹1.00 and ₹100.00 for each spin. By adjusting their coin value and bet level, players are able to change their total bet, too! This slot can be played for as little as ₹25, or you bet the maximum of ₹2500 per spin. The betting spread should appeal to both casual players and high rollers alike.

There’s really nothing exciting to talk about when it comes to icons. You have playing card royals, several fruits encrusted with gemstones, and a beautiful crown. Three purple gemstones are Scatters, and are used to activate free spins. A single blue gem is the Wild, and can substitute for all symbols except Scatters. Keep an eye out for the crown, as you will need it to win the 3000x jackpot!

Special Features

Sticky Wins: Rather than each reel spinning together, each position on the reel spins separately. When a winning combination is formed, a single re-spin is played. The existing icons that are part of the win remain in place. Another re-spin is granted if the existing winning combination was expanded, or a new one has taken place. This continues until no new wins appear.

Free Spins: Collect five or more Scatters to win between ten to thirty free spins. All cash prizes are tripled while the extra turns bonus is active. The number of free spins you get is determined by the amount of Scatters that trigger the bonus.

  • Five Scatters: 10 Free spins
  • Six Scatters: 15 Free spins
  • Seven Scatters: 20 Free spins
  • Eight Scatters: 25 Free Spins
  • Nine to fifteen Scatters: 30 Free spins

What’s our Take?

Visually, we weren’t particularly impressed. It looks good, and it shows some promise with the background image. But the symbol design was some of the most generic and boring we have seen from a NetEnt game. Not to mention the awful art that makes the slot’s mascot look like a serial killer.

While we like the gameplay, we liked it a lot more when it was Jack Hammer. We don’t mind games that are inspired by ones that came before them. But King of Slots is an outright clone, and is not something we can recommend. If what you read sounds appealing, we urge you to play the original Jack Hammer instead.

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