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Hook’s Heroes Slot Review

Maybe it’s the years talking, but this theme was just too adorable not to love. A bunch of kids preparing a play of their favourite story in front of an audience – who wouldn’t love it? It even comes with the expected low budget decorations, such as a ship held up by a badly obscured hand. We would have been completely taken in, if not for the bizarre design for the kids. We usually praise NetEnt’s artists, but they need to come back and re-do these symbols.

A simple, upbeat tune plays in the background while you spin the reels. Hook’s Heroes’ RTP is 96.82%, which is almost a whole percentage point above the current average. The slot comes with numerous special features! You have three types of free spins, as well as a Feature Spin if you fail to trigger the extra turns. We like the gameplay, but the reward is just awful. Your jackpot only goes up to 180x your total stake, and that’s with a 4x multiplier involved.

The idea behind this game is adorable. A bunch of kids doing a play should be the most wholesome and innocent thing possible. The background image and animations both contribute to that pristine image. And then, it’s all ruined thanks to wonky icon design. We like having multiple free spins, as it lets you pick how risky you want to play. However, the awful jackpot means we cannot recommend this NetEnt release, no matter how much we liked it.

Here’s the Facts

Hook’s Heroes has a low variance, which means lots of small, frequent pays. We understand that people have different preferences, but this slot is just tuned too low. There’s no thrill in playing a game when your maximum prize can’t go over 200x your total stake. It’s a shame, because we really enjoyed the different bonuses the game had to offer us.

You can set your coins between ₹1.00 and ₹100 per spin. By changing their bet level and coin value, players are able to adjust their total bet, as well! You can wager as little as ₹20, or you can stake a massive ₹2000 for each spin! As far as betting spreads go, this one is fantastic. It gives casual and mid-range gamblers lots of wagering options. Meanwhile, high rollers can bet big and win even bigger with this huge maximum stake!

Symbols are split into playing card royals and child pirates. We like the little bandages on top of the numbers and letters, as if the kids hastily put them together. The children have all been dressed up in appropriately piratey clothing! It’d work great, if they all didn’t look like abominations that Satan designed in their spare time. Psychotic captain Hook is the Wild, while sneering sea monster kid is the Scatter. Your maximum win is 180x your total bet.

Special Features

Free Spins: Collect three or more Scatters in any position to win free spins. You also get a single pick as to which bonus you want to play alongside extra turns. If you collect four or five Scatters, you can also make multiple picks. And yes, you can pick the same special feature three times.

  • Fairy: Between two to five Wilds are added in random positions on the playing field. Seven free spins are played.
  • Mermaid: All wins are multiplied by 2x. However, if one or more Wilds are part of the winning combination, the multiplier increases to 4x. Ten extra turns are played.
  • Pirate: The pirate swings in and removes the paylines. All wins are now calculated by the number of visible icons on the reels – or Scatter pays. Fifteen free spins are played.

Feature Spin: If you only collect two Scatters, a single free spin is played. One of the three special features is chosen randomly, and is played alongside the single free spin.

What’s our Take?

Honestly, the slot looks fantastic and has a charming theme. Our problems with its visuals can be fixed very easily: just make the kids look normal. Redesigning five symbols isn’t a lot of work, and it’ll improve Hook’s Heroes significantly.

The volatility is too low for our liking. While that does mean you’ll see frequent wins and lots of bonuses, it comes with a serious downside. Your jackpot is capped at 180x your total stake. As a result of that, this game isn’t worth playing with real money.

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