Bank Transfer

Bank deposit methods, also known as bank transfers, are one of several different ways you can deposit into an Indian online casino account. Bank deposit methods are not the same as entering your card details online to deposit, instead, players will have to permit a transfer via their bank, and this naturally takes a bit of time. However, for Indian players who aren’t confident in using other options, and who prefer to do things with total security, bank deposit methods are ideal.


The Advantages of Using Bank Deposits at Indian Casinos

The most notable advantage of using bank deposits to top-up your balance at Indian casino sites is security. Unlike VISA or MasterCard deposits, players are going to verify and confirm their transaction from inside their internet banking application or website. On top of those added layers of security, your bank will also monitor the transaction, so if something unfortunate happens (namely fraudulent activity) they will let you know and fix the problem. The same level of assurances aren’t always in place with card deposits.

Generally speaking, there is one small downside to making bank deposit transfers. Bank transfers can often take a bit of time, depending on your bank. It is not uncommon to see delays of up to five days before the funds arrive in your casino account. When Indian players think of using bank deposits, they need to weigh up the scenario. The slower transaction times do seem to be worth it for the added security that this method brings.

How to Deposit

Bank deposits at online casinos should be a piece of cake. After signing in to your Indian casino, you can click on the cashier page and then the bank transfer/bank deposit option. Players will then be given the bank account details of the online casino. They must then input that information into the transfer e-form via their internet bank before confirming the transaction.

It seems like a bit of a long route to take to deposit into a casino, but it does guarantee that only you can make deposits. Moreover, it ensures that you can check each one as they occur, thus alleviating any concerns surrounding card fraud.


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Using Bank Deposits at Indian Casinos - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Bank Deposits at all Indian casino sites?

    For the most part, yes. Many top Indian banks can be used to transfer funds. There are a few Indian banks who aren’t overly happy with their players using funds to deposit into gambling sites, but many will still process transactions.

  • Is it safe to deposit using a Bank Deposit?

    Depositing via a bank transfer is arguably one of the safest ways to top-up your balance. Because you have to confirm transactions and aren’t handing out your card details, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that nobody has hijacked your personal information.

  • Why not just use my VISA or MasterCard to deposit?

    You can choose to do that if you wish. However, depositing with VISA or MasterCard is a touch riskier than making a bank deposit. You will need to hand over your card details to the casino, and if you aren’t using a secure site or browser, there is always the risk that such information might be hijacked.

  • Will I be charged fees for deposits and withdrawals made using Bank Deposits?

    It is possible. Your bank will almost certainly not charge you a fee for depositing into a casino unless that casino is based abroad (most Indian casinos are). However, there may be an exchange rate if you’re using a different currency at the casino than at your bank. On top of that, a casino may also charge you a withdrawal fee if you choose to cash out your winnings via bank transfers.

  • How long will it take for Bank Deposit transactions to clear?

    That depends on your bank. Some Indian banks process transactions instantly, so it is down to the receiving bank (the casino) how long it can take. Ordinarily, it is fair to expect deposit and withdrawal times to take between 2 and 5 business days to clear. If you would like to play at an online casino where you can deposit you money by Bank Transfer, just take a look at our Royal Panda Review.