MasterCard is arguably the second largest credit card option for players on the internet to use at online casinos. Although their coverage is perhaps not as widely spread at Indian online casino sites as VISA’s, using a MasterCard to deposit is still amongst one of the more popular options for players at these casinos. In fact, there are similarities between the two options when depositing. Let’s find out a bit more about depositing at Indian casinos using this payment option.

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The Advantages of Using MasterCard at Indian Casinos

If you have a MasterCard in your wallet or purse, and your chosen Indian online casino accepts this option (and many do), you will already have solved a problem a few other casino players have. What method to deposit with? If you already hold a card, you will not need to sign up to another method.

On top of that little problem, Indian players will also likely already know how to deposit with a MasterCard. The process is no different than buying anything else online; only this time, you are, in effect, buying casino credit. MasterCard deposits are speedy (they land instantly in your account), they are secure and safe, practical and often have higher deposit and withdrawal caps than e-wallet or voucher methods at Indian casinos.

How to deposit

If you want to deposit into your favourite Indian online casino site with a MasterCard, the process is rather simple. After registering at a casino and signing in, you need to open the banking/cashier page at the site and select MasterCard as your preferred payment method.

A box will likely open up where players can enter how much INR they would like to deposit into their account. Not all Indian casinos accept rupees, so if this is the case for you, US dollars will work just as well. After entering that information, you need to fill out the remainder of the boxes with your MasterCard details, often found on the card itself.

Players only need to confirm the transaction to process it. This may be done automatically or may require you to sign into your Indian bank and confirm it by these means. Deposits which are successfully processed land instantly in your Indian casino account. The process is the same for cashouts. Keep in mind that at some Indian casinos, players are required to use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. This means that if you put funds on to your account with a MasterCard, you will have to use this option to cash out your winnings.

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Using MasterCard at Indian Casinos - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use MasterCard at all Indian casino sites?

    Most of them. There are one or two Indian online casinos which aren’t prepared to accept MasterCard deposits (although they will likely accept VISA), but they are minimal in number. Players shouldn’t encounter any problems finding somewhere to deposit using MasterCard.

  • Is it safe to deposit using MasterCard

    Most Indian casinos are well licensed and regulated. As long as your casino has a good track record with security and safety, and bears a valid gambling license out of a respectable jurisdiction, it should be safe to deposit there, too.

  • Can I use a Maestro Card to deposit instead of MasterCard?

    No. Unlike VISA, which also accepts deposits made using Electron and Debit card options, MasterCard’s own debit card method (Maestro) cannot be used just because a casino accepts MasterCard. Indian casinos must specifically offer Maestro as a separate method if you wish to use this option.

  • Will I be charged fees for deposits and withdrawals?

    It is possible, though not guaranteed. Some casinos have no charges or fees on deposits and withdrawals made using MasterCard, but some will charge you. Similarly, there may or may not be a charge attached via the bank which issued your MasterCard. Those sites which do charge fees, generally only do so for cashouts, and seldom set it to higher than 2.5% of the total withdrawal sum. Even then, there is often a cap on the maximum charge a casino can put in place for cashouts.

  • How long will it take for transactions to clear?

    MasterCard deposits land instantly in your account. Withdrawals made using this method typically take the same amount of time as other credit card and bank transfer withdrawal options. In short, this means you can expect processing times of 3-5 business days before you can get hold of your winnings. Royal Panda Casino is one of the online casinos in India where you can deposit with Mastercard!