What Makes Live Dealer Casinos So Popular in India?

Not all countries adopt technology equally. Western nations have gone through a slower path, where each tech piece had its time to shine. Meanwhile, countries like India have leapfrogged straight into the age of the internet and the smartphone. It makes us far more open to the use of many online tools. Web payments are the first example that comes to mind.

Of course, this by itself does not explain the massive popularity of live dealer casinos in India. There are multiple factors, which we will break down in this article. Convenience, interesting games and gambling laws all play a factor in making Indians decide live casinos are their best bet.

Growing Support for Indian Players

With the rise of the internet economy, few countries have benefitted as much as India has. People working online have been the backbone of the country’s economic development. This has also helped draw the attention of foreign companies to India. Particularly to its large population, where a growing number knows how to speak English.

These are perfect conditions for online casinos to make their move. In recent years, operators have done several things to attract players from India. They offer support for rupees and develop Indian-themed games in their live casino sections. Ezugi’s launch of an Indian themed studio goes to show how valuable Indian players have become.

The Real Casino Experience

If you want to play in a brick-and-mortar casino, you are often out of luck. The government as a whole is very much against land-based gambling. Only three of India’s twenty-nine states have established casinos. Unless you live in one of those states or plan to travel there, you cannot enjoy the real casino atmosphere.

At least, that used to be the case. Live dealer casinos do their best to bridge the gap by employing actual people. They will work with real cards, lucky wheels and roulette tables. You can talk with them and other players using live chat. Software providers design their studios to replicate the look of real-world casinos. It makes you feel immersed in a way standard online casinos simply cannot match.

The Power of Convenience

Brick-and-mortar casinos take time and planning. You need to set aside a few hours to go there. You have to dress nicely. If something comes up, it takes time to exchange your chips back into rupees. Do not get us wrong, playing at an actual casino is an experience. It is something every fan of gaming should try at some point. However, there are times you want something more convenient.

Mobile gaming

We reveal the reasons why live dealer games are quite popular in India.

Do you only have ten minutes to play while on the bus? Live casinos give you that option. You can play from the comforts of your home, without needing to get fancy to enjoy a few rounds of roulette. You can take your time debating whether you want to play American or French roulette. When you are ready to play, you just click on the game you want. Unlike real-world tables, you rarely have to wait for an open spot.

In an increasingly busy world, live dealer casinos and their convenience are awesome. In our opinion, this is the greatest advantage they offer compared to actual casinos.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Big casinos have plenty of tables to pick from. However, online casinos will usually be able to rival, if not beat, their selection. Without the constraints of real-world space, live dealer games can offer many more tables without much of an extra cost. Many releases can be played with a limitless number of people. Instead of needing ten blackjack tables, live casinos can have one where thousands can play at once.

Software providers have been hard at work bringing exclusively real-world games to live dealer casinos, too. Craps used to be a game you could not play in live casinos. However, Evolution recently launched Craps Live. This shortened the number of exclusives brick-and-mortar casinos have over their live dealer counterparts. Something that will only continue to shrink going forward.

The Future of India’s Gambling?

Live casinos will be the way most players enjoy casino games in the future. There is no doubt in our mind. This trend will be true in India and the rest of the world. Like so many aspects of our lives, gaming has become more accessible than ever with the internet. It will be an incredible future, and we at Indian Casino Club cannot wait to see it.