What is Online Slingo and How to Play It?

Casino games are constantly changing. A few classics are always present. However, that does not stop software providers from experimenting with them. They add multipliers or other bonuses to attract new players. If they feel particularly bold, they try to combine two different games. It does not work often. When it does, though? It gives us games like Slingo!

Slingo’s Humble Origins

Online casinos were just starting out when Slingo was being developed. It was not even built by professionals. Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia frequented casinos regularly but never made a casino game before. That did not stop them from engaging with their passion project. They came up with the idea in Sal’s basement, in fact.

The concept was simple. Find a slot machine, and apply a bingo formula to it. However, the pair did not have the ability to code this. They had to buy a vintage slot machine and then make modifications to it! The process was no doubt exhausting, but it worked out well for the team. They founded Slingo Inc soon after, and the first online version of the game launched in 1996. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is Slingo?

Similar to Megaways, Slingo is a variation of online slot machines. However, it is a much larger departure compared to any other slot payment system. Instead of symbols, players are faced with a five-reel, five-row board filled with numbers. The exact amount of numbers can vary between releases. However, the game usually has seventy-five numbers it can draw from.

You also do not buy one spin at a time. Instead, players buy a round that consists of several spins. The board itself does not spin. Instead, you draw numbers on a small 1×5 reel beneath the playing field. If a drawn number matches a number on the board, that number will be marked with a star. The rounds continue until you run out of spins.

Wins are awarded by covering a line with stars. This can be done vertically or horizontally. If all positions on the board are covered, it results in a full house win. The more lines are covered, the better the payout will be. Newer Slingo games have begun substituting direct payouts for special feature activations.

Online slingo screenshot

The name of the game says it all. Slingo is a combination of slot and bingo.

Slingo games also have a few bonuses that are always present. One of these are jokers and super jokers. Jokers allow you to tick off any number in the reel above the joker. Super jokers allow you to remove any number you want. You can also run into devil icons. These will block you from landing wins on that particular reel.

Should I Play Slingo?

We think everyone should at least try Slingo once. You cannot find anything like it on the market. Being both familiar and exotic is what initially attracted many players. They would end up sticking to the game in the long-term because they liked what they saw. The same was true with many of us at indiancasinoclub.in. We tried it because we were curious, and ended up loving it.

That is why we can definitely recommend trying Slingo. Should you stick to it? That is a question only you can answer. If you enjoy the unique blend of slot and bingo, then a new world of fun games waits for you!