What Are Feature & Bonus Buy Online Slots?

Constant experiments with slot mechanics have led to many interesting games coming out. Titles can skip out on paylines entirely in favour of a different system. They can also make any win grant a re-spin. There are countless variations on how the base game can be made more interesting. Thanks to the releases that come with the feature buy slot mechanic, playing slots is more fun than ever before.

Of course, that can make going back to traditional reel and payout systems dull. It makes you wish there was a way to skip the boring stuff and go straight into special features. That is where the feature buy slot mechanic comes into play! Join us as we break down how bonus buy works and what are the pros and cons of using it.

How it Works

Buying special features is not available in all games. Only specific titles will have it enabled, which is decided by the developer. As the name implies, feature buy mechanics allows you to guarantee that a special feature will trigger. Instead of activating it through gameplay, you pay an immediate lump sum cost. You usually have to play between 50x and 100x your total stake.

Most of the time, bonus buy allows you to purchase free spins. There are releases where you can purchase other special features, as well. For many titles, free spins are considered the most rewarding bonus. Because of that, free spins are often the special feature you can buy. You will play any bonus at the same cost as the activating spin. If you start the feature with ₹10, you will keep that wager until the bonus ends.

Why Use Feature Buy?

The primary advantage of using this special feature is the ability to skip the grind. You do not have to spin the reels and hope for the bonus to activate. You can skip the boring part of the slot. Instead, you head straight into the most rewarding section of the game. The upfront cost is scary. However, you will usually spend the same amount of money during normal gameplay trying to activate the bonus.

High rollers that want to win big will also want to consider feature buy themselves. The biggest payouts are usually reserved for the purchasable bonus. Thanks to the feature buy special feature, you can keep coming back to the most lucrative bonus. Doing it this way usually has a slightly higher slot RTP, too. Mind you, this is not a universal rule. Make sure to double-check that before you commit to any big wagers.

Finally, bonuses are just more fun to play. Wins are often easier to form during special features. New mechanics are introduced to keep things interesting, such as re-spins or progressive multipliers. If your budget can support maximizing your fun, we would definitely recommend doing so.

Why Avoid Feature Buy?

You are paying with a lot of cash upfront when you do a feature buy. To make the bonus worth it, you would need to keep making back that money reliably. Unless you are a high roller, you are probably not used to putting so many rupees on the line. If you look at using bonus buy, make sure your budget can support it. Otherwise, your fun with games may be short-lived.

When you read about bonuses, it is easy to think we will always get the best outcome. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are times when you naturally trigger a bonus and end up with an awful win. That is something you can recover from if you are betting just a few rupees. If you are constantly wagering 50x your total stake, those losses can become a problem much quicker.

feature buy slots

Feature buy slot mechanic drastically increases your chances of getting a bonus but also requires you to bet larger sums of money.

The higher upfront cost also makes wins less impressive. A bigger upfront investment means your jackpot feels less special. It also means you bring in less money overall. Scoring a 1000x payout with a small bet feels awesome. Getting the same payout when your wager is 50x your original stake does not feel nearly as good.

Should You Use It?

Honestly, there are valid reasons for both sides of this argument. Personally, the team at Indian Casino Club leans towards using the advantages of the feature buy slot mechanic. However, we only advise doing this if your budget can support it. Casino members on a budget should avoid using this option, as it may be a drastic drain on their funds.