Useful Tips for Playing Blackjack Online

We have had the pleasure of enjoying many casino games over the years. Some were innovative and brought something new to the table. Others were simply a fantastic rendition on an already popular classic. That said, most versions maintain the core aspect of what makes blackjack so appealing. If you work hard on it, you can calculate the most optimal move for any situation!

The following tips may not be true if your chosen blackjack variant has made big gameplay changes. That said, you can rely that each of our tips will increase your odds when playing regular blackjack! This article assumes you already know the basics of blackjack such as doubling, splitting, as well as hard and soft hands. Without further ado, here are some of our best tips for playing blackjack online.

Tip #1: Never Split a Pair of Fives or Tens

In case you ever have a hard ten or twenty, we recommend keeping them. The reason why comes down to simple math. For a pair of fives, it is more advantageous to keep the ten. It will have an easier time combining with a big number to get you close to twenty-one. In comparison, playing two fives can land you in some dangerous territory if you draw bad cards.

A pair of tens is even simpler! With two tens, you have a twenty, which is one point away from blackjack. For you to lose, the dealer would have to get blackjack or twenty-one, neither of which are very likely. While a ten is not a bad number to play, it is much worse than an almost-guaranteed win a twenty offers you.

Tip #2: Always Split a Pair of Eights or Aces

Some numbers you should never split. Others you should always split if given the chance! A pair of eights is a perfect example of numbers you always want to split. Together, they form a sixteen, which is a very awkward number. Hitting a sixteen will very often result in a loss. In comparison, two eights can hit without have to worry about going over twenty-one.

Meanwhile, splitting Aces can be nothing but an advantage to the player. Hitting with an Ace can give you a variety of great combinations! The math checks out on this as well. Splitting a pair of Aces is always an advantage!

Tip #3: Always Double Down on a Hard 11

This is the only card combination that always pays more to double down instead of hitting. Keep in mind this is only true for a hard eleven. Soft elevens are different in that regard. In fact, there is only one specific circumstance where it is better to hit a hard eleven instead of doubling. You have to play a multi-deck blackjack table where rules specify the dealer must stand on a soft seventeen.

Hard 11 Blackjack hand

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Tip #4: Hit a Soft 18 if the Dealer has a 9, 10, or Ace

If you ever wondered the distinction between soft and hard hands was important, it is because of situations like these. A soft eighteen gives you options to combat a strong dealer up card like a nine, ten or Ace. In case you draw a small card, you improve your hand and get one step closer to winning. Drawing any of the four ten-value cards will also not do any harm to your hand.

Tip #5: Always Hit a Hard 12 Against a Dealer’s 2 or 3 Up Card

Plenty of us at Indian Casino Club took some time to get used to this play because it seems counterintuitive. However, hitting a hard twelve if the dealer has a two or three is indeed the best move possible! If the dealer has a two or three, you lose money, in the long run, no matter if you stand or hit. While hitting opens you to the threat of busting, it will also allow you to draw a small card and potentially land a win sometimes.

Tip #6: Never Place an Insurance Bet

While many blackjack tables will prompt you with an Insurance bet, you should never accept one. For the answers, we once again turn to math! The reward for winning an insurance bet is 2:1. However, the dealer have a 9:4 chance of making blackjack. The odds are stacked against you. As a result, you should always say no to an Insurance bet!

Tip #7: Never Play a 6:5 Blackjack Game

Loyal readers may remember we already covered the 3:2 vs 6:5 blackjack debate a while back. With 6:5 blackjack payout, the house edge increases from 0.5% to 2%! This marks a 400% increase for the house. For this reason, you should always look for tables that offer a 3:2 payout instead.