Tri Card Poker: Most Popular Online Poker Variant

Few things in life are inevitable. However, online software providers’ desire to expand their audience is one of them! More players means more money and recognition. As such, developers know they cannot rely on just providing existing games in order to stay competitive. If they want to keep and grow their audience, they have to give punters something new and exciting.

Many ambitious developers have tried their luck with poker over the years. Different versions and rules were used in order to attract new blood. However, the fundamental strategy never really changed. At least, that was the case before Tri Card Poker came along! Join us as we explore this fantastic title and figure out why it is the most popular online poker variant.

How it Works

The basics of three-card poker are quite simple once you get used to it. If you already have prior poker experience, you will have no trouble jumping into this version! The values of each hand are similar to existing poker titles, except they have been condensed to hold three cards. This makes it much easier to learn than other online poker variants, which alter how the game is played.

At the start of the round, you will be asked to place your bets. You can stake money on the main bet (Ante), or play side bets. What side best are available varies between developers, but Pairs Plus and Six Card Bonus are usually included. After wagering ends, three cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. The stronger three-card poker hand wins the round!

If you choose to play the game without any side bets, your maximum win will be a 5:1 payout. Indulging the optional stakes is tempting, especially since they promise exciting prizes up to 1000:1! The house edge for both side bets is incredibly high, meaning they will be quite costly to play. This raises the obvious question, however. Should you play these two side bets?

Side Bets and RTPs

On average, the RTP for Tri Card Poker is 96.63%. While not bad, we can think of quite a few casino games with a low house edge that you could play instead. As a result, keeping a high RTP is integral for this game to keep its audience. Something both side bets do not assist in the slightest.

Live Tri Card Poker

We reveal the reasons why Tri Card Poker has become one of the most popular online poker variants.

Pairs Plus tasks you with scoring a pair of better with your three cards. The maximum payout for this side bet is 100:1 for the same suit royal flush. It has an RTP of 95.51%, which is not that lower from the main wager.

The six-card bonus checks your three cards and the dealer’s three cards. These six cards are put together to create a five-card poker hand. Depending on how good your hand is, you can win up to 1000:1! The RTP for this side bet is 91.44%, much lower than the main wager.

Because of that, we strongly advise against wagering on the six-card bonus bet. Pairs Plus is somewhat weaker than Tri Card Poker’s main bet, but it is not that harmful. While we would not play it ourselves, we can understand if you do it. It does bring some much-needed spice to the winning potential of this game.

What about Strategy?

Ultimately, we are all gamblers. We are in it to win it. One of the first things Indian Casino Club researches is if there is a way to give ourselves better odds. Fortunately, such an option is available in Tri Card Poker, and it is remarkably simple. Play your hand if you have a Queen, a six, a four or better.

Is It for Me?

We believe everyone should at least try this game once. Even if you do not like poker all that much, it is hard to resist the simplistic charm this table offers. It is excellent for new players, as it allows them to learn poker hands while playing with more straightforward rules. Tri Card Poker is in almost all cases played against a dealer, so bluffing is not a concern!

Fans of fast-paced poker action will also appreciate this game. With only three cards on both sides, the rounds begin and end quite quickly. Take a few rupees and try this game out at your favourite online casino. You may end up finding a new favourite while you are there.