Top 5 Spring-Themed Slots

Spring is the loveliest time of the year for us. It gives us time to admire the beauty of nature. Monsoon season is still far away, which means we can relax and enjoy the weather. It is warm, but not oppressively warm. All of these things make spring the best season in India! It has only one flaw; spring distracts us from the fun of staying inside and playing video slots!

If you prefer to experience spring where allergies and insects cannot get to you, we have your back! Any of the following titles will give you all the advantages of going outside without the downsides. If you are lucky, you can even win some exciting prizes! Between those two, we know which one we would choose!

Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits

They say no two humans see the world in the same way. Even so, we doubt anyone sees the world as if it is made out of blocks! Still, it is that odd design that gives this NetEnt game such a unique visual appeal. Not that it relies on just the unique approach to the spring theme. It also comes with lovely animations that really sell the release to you!

If a reel appears stacked, it activates the Strolling Staxx re-spins. The stacked reel moves one position to the left every turn. Matching symbols that are exposed to the stacked reel will attach to it. On top of that, any icon has a chance of appearing as a large 2×3 or 3×3 Colossal symbol.

Enchanted Meadow

We really like slots that change the way we see the world. We are used to being human-sized, so a field of flowers looks rather pretty from up top. Go down to the ground level, and it gains a whole new look! This, combined with smooth animations and lovely symbol designs, is what makes Play’n Go’s release so pretty.

Said fairies have a few bonuses prepared for their guests. Find three Scatters to start a bonus feature in which you search for hidden fairies. Finding them awards cash prizes and free spins! Free spins are played with a 2x multiplier that can be increased up to five with the help of two Fairy Queens. Furthermore, it is possible to retrigger this bonus, making it possible to earn up to fifty free spins in one round.

Enchanted Meadow gameplay

Check out our selection of spring-themed video slots and choose your favourite.


As we already mentioned, spring is our favourite time of the year. Yes, part of it is for the reasons we discussed above; but also as a result of this Yggdrasil title! The developer has beautifully depicted not one, but all four seasons. You will swap between cold winter to a pleasant spring. Then you will reach warmth and summer, before the leaves slowly turn auburn and spring returns.

There is more to this than just visual changes. Each season comes with a different Wild bonus that you have access to alongside free spins. Wintertime has a duplicating hare Wild. In Spring, the owl gives a free re-spin while moving across the reel. Summertime has Wilds expanding around the deer. In Autumn, a fox Wild comes bearing the gift of Wilds and multipliers!

Spring Tails

What do you get when you cross a Chinese theme, spring and cute animals? You get Spring Tails, one of Betsoft’s most charming titles to date! We know this release will be hit or miss depending on your enjoyment of these themes. That said, the lovely presentation it offers has quickly made it an favourite!

However, what really won us over was the gameplay simplicity it offers. You can win a free spins round with twelve extra turns, during which no low-value icons appear. Rat Wilds also appear with multipliers, which can stack together to create some mouth-watering wins!

Fairy Gate

Fairies and spring are intrinsically tied together. Spring brings new life, and fairies help it grow strong to prepare for summer. If you want to see that process up close and personal, we can think of no better game than Quickspin’s Fairy Gate! Will you be among the worthy that will be given access?

Special features include re-spins and free spins. Fairy Orbs also appear during these two bonuses, which determines how many extra Wilds are added when they land. You can win up to ten free spins, with no ability to retrigger them. Meanwhile, re-spins activate two extra reels, which host the Fairy Orbs! On top of extra Wilds, they also grant additional re-spins when they appear.