Top 10 Tips for New Online Casino Players

New to the world of online casinos? Plenty of guides are available online that can teach you the basics. This article hopes to do something a bit different. These are ten tips we wished we paid more attention to when we were first starting out. All of them are important in their own way. They may not lead to outstanding wins by themselves, but they will still be very useful.

Tip #1 – Pick the Right Casino

There are more online casinos than anyone can count. All of them promising lucrative bonuses and a variety of fun games if you register. Both of these factors are important when considering the website you will sign up with. However, you also need to consider additional details. One of the most important details to check is if an operator is licensed through an online casino regulator.

Tip #2 – Check Available Payment Methods

Experienced players usually know what sort of payment methods they want to use. Anyone who has played for a while has a favourite they default to. As a new punter, you can experiment with what works best for you. Look for casinos that give you a wide range of available betting options. Try each one out, and see which one offers the best deposit and withdrawal options!

Tip #3 – Never Bet More than You Can Afford

It is very easy to get carried away when playing. This is especially true if you are experiencing a losing streak. You will feel tempted to deposit more to try to reverse the trend. However, you should never bet more than what you planned in your budget. There is no guarantee you will make that money back. Meaning you will leave yourself in a bad financial situation. If you see you are losing repeatedly, the best thing to do is to take a break.

Tip #4 – Try the Demo Mode

Just about every game in an online casino usually comes with a demo mode. This allows players to play a free version of a release they like. You can experiment with its gameplay, graphics and special features. If you like what you see, you can then swap to a real money version. A notable exception to this rule are live casino games. As they lack a demo mode, we recommend looking at gameplay videos instead.

Tip #5 – Higher RTPs are Always Better

RTP is a shorthand, which stands for return-to-player. RTP represents how many rounds you can expect to win out of one hundred rounds, on average. The average RTP for slots is 96%. Other casino games have defined RTPs, which you should look up before playing. As a general rule of thumb, the better the return-to-player value, the better. It either means more frequent or more lucrative wins.

Tip #6 – Use Game Strategies

Not all casino games have defined strategies. For example, slots are too random to have a defined gameplay strategy. However, there are defined strategies you can use for games like blackjack. Here at Indian Casino Club, you can find strategies and tips for a great number of casino games. If you use them while playing, you give yourself better odds of winning in the long term.

Tip #7 – Restrict Yourself if Needed

If you ever find yourself playing too much, we advise using tools all online casinos have. As part of the responsible gaming initiative, all operators must give you an option to restrict your playtime. Players can limit their deposits. They can limit how many hours they play each day. If you have a serious problem, you can even restrict yourself from accessing the casino. This can range from one day to several months!

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Tip #8 – Details are Important

You should read the terms and conditions of every online casino you sign up for. Websites will usually leave less popular limitations within this hard to read document. Make sure to skim the T&C at least. Particularly sections regarding bonuses, deposits and withdrawals.

Tip #9 – Auto Play is Awesome

Most casino games offer Auto Play in some form or another. This allows you to play your favourite releases without pressing the buttons yourself on each turn. Auto Play also allows punters to set their win and loss limits ahead of time. A very useful feature that we highly recommend using.

Tip #10 – Only Play When You’re Having Fun

Enjoying yourself is the most important thing when playing casino games. In the long term, you will usually lose against an online casino. If you no longer find it fun and only play out of habit, it is time to take a break. The alternative is addictive, and something you should avoid at all costs.